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Two stage +/-15V supply with LT4320 bridges

Is there any plans to support the below signal chain power?

  • (50Hz AC) -> (LT4320) -> (LT3081) -> (LT3045)
  • (50Hz AC) -> (LT4320) -> (LT3091) -> (LT3094)

Preferably with room for large bulk caps in all three stages

The reason is, it is a more or less bullet proof high PSRR setup useful for ultra low noise designs (such as audio) and LTspice is having a hard time simulating it. Justification for two linear regulators is that the first takes care of attenuating voltage ripple allowing it's input cap to be relatively low value to decrease current spikes and increase bridge conduction angle while at the same time ensuring LT3045/94 Vin max and tracking 3V above the output by stacking VSET on top of VOUT. Using a switcher as preregulator would mean a stiffer input and it's duty cycle would be modulated by rectified mains frequency which has increased risk of traveling where it shouldn't due to the higher switching frequency.