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What are the SCP boards useful for?

When would I typically use this SCP platform?

  • hi JRStaley,

    The SCP Platform is composed of SCP Configurator (Software Application) and SCP Hardware Boards (Evaluation Boards).

    The Signal Chain Power(SCP) Boards are useful in the early design of your signal chain system power needs, It helps you to evaluate, test and experiment in a quickly way as possible giving you more time to pick the best design for your system. It is geared for precision instrumentation, test & measurement system designers who need to power signal chains but are unsure of where to begin.

    The SCP Configurator application will construct a “best fit” topology, choose the most appropriate IC, and show how to construct the power tree with all relevant SCP hardware to order for the system design. Various options for flexible system design include specifying low noise or dual output boards. The software does not calculate component values; the Quick Start Guides “Configuration” sections have tables and equations necessary to fully implement the designs SCP Configurator creates.

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