• Maximum core clock for SSM2604 audio codec


    We are currently designing a product with the SSM2604 audio codec. My question is regarding the core clock frequency. On page 4 of the datasheet (Rev A) it is clearly stated that the core clock tolerance is 8 - 13.8MHz. This indicates that an MCLK…

  • SSM2604 left / right audio disabling option

    I am using SSM2604 which is getting clock & 24bit audio data stream from ADV7611 & using the DAC section of SSM2604 audio right & audio left output is obtained. Both the audio signals are coming fine but when I am disabling any one of them from my test…

  • [EVAL-SSM2604] External Connection to MCU

    Hi all,

    I just purchase the SSM2604 EVKit. I would like to know If i want to bypass the USB MCU on the board (the TI USB MCU).

    Shall I simply plug out the JP1 or any other modification shall be done?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Problems in configuring SSM2604 register configuration

    Hi All,

    I am using the SSM2604 chip for my application. I am facing some issue in configuring register R0 and R1.

    I am writing 9 bit data to the register with D8( RLINBOTH bit) as 1 and wave form also seems fine. But when I read back the register content…

  • SSM2604 CODEC DAC Output filter response

    I am using an SSM2604 at 64 kHz with a 12.288 MHz MCLK. When outputting signals above fs/4 I see increasing imaging products. At 20 kHz the output waveform looks like linearly interpolated discrete points. The data sheet shows a DAC digital filter frequency…

  • HDMI to audio Converter ( ADV7611 and SSM2604 )


    We need extract audio from HDMI and have sterio output. Can you please provide me some needed information.

    For instance can I just connect  HDMI -> ADV7611 -> SSM2604 -> amplifier -> Speakers ?

    Actually as I understand I must be not able…

  • SSM2604 bypass feeds LLINE-IN to LOUT and ROUT

    I have a new design, and have initialized the SSM2604, we are using only the recording paths, so DACs are disabled.


    For testing I have the bypass enabled and we have test points (and nothing else) on LOUT and ROUT. With audio only input to the LLINE…

  • Why does SSM2604 sometimes bias Rout at 2,5V?

    On a product based on Circuit Note 0282 using ADV7611, ADV7125, SSM2604 and a MCU as I2C master, sometimes the outputs Rout and Lout of SSM2604 are biased with voltages other than Vmid (1,65V).  This happens while the voltage on Vmid is stable at Vcc/2…

  • 2010-03-05 09:40:14     SSM2604 Codec driver

    2010-03-05 09:40:14     SSM2604 Codec driver

    Appalayagari Sreedhar (INDIA)

    Message: 86870   


    Is SSM2604 codec driver available? if not is there any possibility that it will be available soon?

    Thank you, Sreedhar



  • [EVAL-SSM2604] Simultaneous sending and receving to/from the external DSP/MCU

    I'm going to buy the evaluation kit and have one question.

    Does the evalueation kit provide use of the codec to send the signal from Line in to MCU and from MCU to Line out simultaneously?

    I mean, through digital interface, obviously.