• SSM2604 ADC noise

    This is the first prototype we use SSM2604 with our DSP working, and we find there is ADC noise at the RIN and LIN, the input signal is 97Hz, 200mVpp sine, but the frequency we see is not stable, sometimes it jumps to 2 times frequency, that is 194Hz,…

  • SSM2604 SR setting


    We would like to use SSM2604 in the following conditions.
    Is it possible?

    ・MCLK                   : 4.266666.....MHz  (256fs)
    ・BCLK                    : 1.066666.....MHz  (64fs=MCLK/4)
    ・RECLRC/ PBLRC : 16.66........kHz  (1fs=MCLK/256)
    ・Data-word length:16-bit
    ・Slave mode

    If it…

  • SSM2603/SSM2604 Boot Sequence

    When booting the SSM2603 and SSM2604, a control register programming sequence must be followed:


    1. Enable all of the necessary power management bits of Register R6 with the exception of the out bit (Bit D4). The out bit…

  • Need info on SSM2604


    We have a product Slingbox350 which uses SSM2604 as the audio decoder.

    Please let us know the format of I2S digital output data on pin 18(SDIN) when it is configured in ADC mode. We would like to know if the data output from pin 18 is raw data or…

  • SSM2604 MCLK Clarification


    I have a customer using the SSM2604 and they would like some clarification on MCLK. If they go beyond the specified MAX Tolerance of 13.8 MHz then they will essentially need to set CLKDIV2 = 1 therefore, effectively forcing them to use an MCLK…

  • SSM2604 ADC output

    We are seeing a new issue in our product in production line related to SSM2604 and this issue is observed in the factory and we have a line down situation because of this issue.

    As part of manufacturing flow the factory is verifying the functionality…

  • SSM2604 - unused pin connections

    How do unused ADC pins need to be connected on the SSM2604?  My customer is only using

    the DAC and I can't find info on what to do with unused ADC pins (analog in left, right, etc..)




  • SSM2604 excessive ADC noise


    I'm bringing up my first prototype with the SSM2604 connected to an LPC4330. I have everything running and I'm able to play and record audio, but there is an excessive white noise level on the ADC input.

    My system is running at 48Khz…

  • [EVAL-SSM2604] Problems with Windows 7



    We have recently bought the EVAL-SSM2604 and have run into problems with the software. Out of the box, the USBi drivers did not want to install properly, but we solved this problem by installing SigmaStudio first, what must have had setup the…

  • 10V Audio Output from SSM2604


    I am under development of digital synthesizer and I need to extract audio from HDMI.

    I find out that SSM2604 does this with the help of ADV7611. But here I am facing a little difficulties. Full scale Output Voltage is around 2V. But I need…