• SSM2603 Software Control Interface Reads

    I have an BF518F EZ-BOARD that I am working on for an interface with the SSM2603.  The I2C port is running and the bus data recorded by an LSA matches Figure 29 in the data sheet.  The problem is that the data seen by the software and what was in the LSA…

  • I2S BCLK on SSM2603


    I have question about the I2S management with SSM2603. 

    My goal is to use the SSM2603 ADC and to transfer the audio data to a microcontroller via the I2S bus.

    In the case where the SSM2603 is master on I2S I don't understand why the BCLK is …

  • Question about noise from  SSM2603


    My customer uses SSM2603 in their system and they have some issue at recording mode.

    When they use a recording mode of SSM2603 , they get some noise sound.

    Please refer attached noise sound file "noise sound.zip" from them.

    For your…

  • SSM2603 on BF518EZ-Borad

    Hi, all

    Now, I build "Audio_Loopback" project and download it to BF518EZ-Board.

    "Audio_Loopback" project: Blackfin\Examples\ADSP-BF518F EZ-Board\Drivers\AudioCodec\Audio_Loopback

    The code is working fine. Next step, I want to control…

  • SSM2603 driver (AGC)

    Could you please verify that the SSM2602/3/4 driver keeps the AGC or ALC disabled by default?  It looks like the driver leaves it alone, but I would like someone from Analog Devices to take a quick look at it.

    #define SSM2602_ALC1
  • SSM2603 Line out issue

    Hi, all.

    I would like to ask SSM2603 Line out issue.

    SSM2603 outputs sound from R channel  and L channel even if I input only L channel.

    *Input and output defined value is not exceeded.

    And  when I connect headphone, this issue does not occur(Load…

  • SSM2603 sets sampling rate



    I would like to ask about register settings SSM2603.

    My customer had a set of register 0x0029 to R6(0x06), but he didn't get Sampling rate of 16kHz(@RBLRC and PBLRC). And Mode is Master.

    Instead, he got Sampling rate of 8KHz@RECLRC and…

  • SSM2603 noise in ADC path

    I am validating a SSM2603-based design and noticed an audible hissing noise in supposed-to-be silent recordings. What the FPGA-based test project does is record 2s of stereo audio on linein (96kHz, 32-bit I2S format), play it back on headphones and repeat…

  • SSM2603 audio codec power supply questions

    Can I use DBVDD +3.3V when DCVDD, AVDD and HPVDD will be connected to 1.8V ? Is
    possible to leave HPVDD unconnected if I'm not going to use headphone outputs?


    SSM2603 can work at 3.3V for DBVDD and 1.8V for other supplies. And…
  • BF518F Custom board with SSM2603


         I am using a custom board og B;ackfin BF518F processor. I have interfaced SSM2603 codec with my board for my application. SSM2603 is connected to SPORT0 interface and controlling is through I2C interface (PJ0 and PJ1 ports). While initialsing SSM2603…