• SSM2603

    Hi, all.

    I would like to ask about SSM2603.

    I am going to connect a microphone(SONY:ECM-DM5P,plug-in power) to LINEIN port.

    (I understand that I should connect a microphone to MICIN port.)

    So have you ever connected a microphone to LINEIN port of…

  • SSM2603 Overdrive

    I'd like to know what the expected behavior is when overdriving the line in on

    th ADC of the SSM2603. We are sampling at 48kHz with 16bit samples. Without

    ALC, overdriving the line in results in wrapped ADC output signal rather then

    the expected…

  • [SSM2603]Group Delay Spec


    I would like to know group delay specification of SSM2603.

    On the datasheet, it seems no specification.

    Roughly estimation value is OK. It is like that almost same as ADAU1979.

    Thank you for your help as always.

    Best regards,


  • SSM2603 problem

    I don't think this is a Blackfin problem, per se, but since I'm connected to a BF518, I'll ask here.  I have a SSM2603 codec connected via SPORT to the DSP, and everything seems OK except LINE OUT.  The noise on LINE OUT is awful.  I've seen…

  • about SSM2603 evaluation board

    we just got the SSM2603  Evaluation Board, when we connect with the computer, the USB devices cannot be identified. I found that the USB drivers is X86 , it is that mean the computer operating system is 86 bits?  My computer operating system is 64 bits.…

  • SSM2603/SSM2604 Boot Sequence

    When booting the SSM2603 and SSM2604, a control register programming sequence must be followed:


    1. Enable all of the necessary power management bits of Register R6 with the exception of the out bit (Bit D4). The out bit…

  • SSM2603 MIC_Boost Gain

    We designed SSM2603 in few years ago.  Recently , We find some spec problem about Microphone Boost function.

    In SSM2603 datasheet revision A , the microphone boost include MICBOOST_1/BOOST2 ,  40dB MIC gain will boost from SSM2603. but , in SSM2603 datasheet…

  • SSM2603 sporadic audio corruption

    We have a problem when using the SSM2603 in playback mode. We use it in I2S slave mode with 48 kHz stereo sound and extract it from the Line Out output. After some startups everything works fine, but after about half of the startups the audio is severely…

  • SSM2603 BCLK Inversion

    We are using a SSM2603 codec in an application. 

    It is in "Slave mode" meaning the BCLK signal is coming into the SSM2603.  There is a bit BCLKINV for register address 7 that is "BCLK Inversion control".   Does this invert the incoming…

  • ssm2603, I2C specification


      I am missing some specifications in the ssm2603 datasheet,

      that is: maximum low input and minimum high input voltage, as well as output drive capability (max output low voltage) for the I²C pins of this device.


      Robert Larice