• SSM2603 MIC_Boost Gain

    We designed SSM2603 in few years ago.  Recently , We find some spec problem about Microphone Boost function.

    In SSM2603 datasheet revision A , the microphone boost include MICBOOST_1/BOOST2 ,  40dB MIC gain will boost from SSM2603. but , in SSM2603 datasheet…

  • SSM2603

    Hi, all.

    I would like to ask about SSM2603.

    I am going to connect a microphone(SONY:ECM-DM5P,plug-in power) to LINEIN port.

    (I understand that I should connect a microphone to MICIN port.)

    So have you ever connected a microphone to LINEIN port of…

  • BF518F Custom board with SSM2603


         I am using a custom board og B;ackfin BF518F processor. I have interfaced SSM2603 codec with my board for my application. SSM2603 is connected to SPORT0 interface and controlling is through I2C interface (PJ0 and PJ1 ports). While initialsing SSM2603…

  • SSM2603 Device Driver and VisualDSP


    I am using a custom made Blackfin ADSP BF518F processor board for my project. I am using Visual DSP++ 5.1 version for programming. In my project i am using SSm2603 Audio Codec IC , hence for that I tired to utilise the device driver bundles along…

  • I2S BCLK on SSM2603


    I have question about the I2S management with SSM2603. 

    My goal is to use the SSM2603 ADC and to transfer the audio data to a microcontroller via the I2S bus.

    In the case where the SSM2603 is master on I2S I don't understand why the BCLK is …

  • Can I get Linux support for the SSM2603?


    I am having trouble outputting sound on Linux using SSM2603.

    The SSM2603 device driver loads normally.

    It is also registered in ALSA sound card list.

    However, "input / output error" is raised in "alsactl init". ("amixer" is also the same.)…

  • Replacement for WM8731SEFL

    Has ADI got anything similar to Wolfson Audio Codec solution WM8731SEFL?


    The SSM2602 is a low power, high quality stereo audio codec for portable
    digital audio applications. SSM2602 is pin to pin compatible with WM8731SEFL.

  • New Data Sheet of SSM2603 (New Package)

    Hi there,

    The latest SSM2603 has been delivered with the new SAWN package since of last Apr. But, till today, the mechanical dimension of SSM2603 specification is not changed accordingly as of today. Could you send me the updated SSM2603 data sheet…

  • RE: SSM2603 doesn't work at low temp

    Dave, you got a point!

    I swap SSM2603 between good and bad device.

    Problem is not in SSM2603 problem in board.

    Bad board still doesn't work with other codecs.

    I am puzzled.

    Will try to find what happens.

    Today I am testing next 10 boards.

  • SSM2603 Software Control Interface Reads

    I have an BF518F EZ-BOARD that I am working on for an interface with the SSM2603.  The I2C port is running and the bus data recorded by an LSA matches Figure 29 in the data sheet.  The problem is that the data seen by the software and what was in the LSA…