• SSM2603/SSM2604 Boot Sequence

    When booting the SSM2603 and SSM2604, a control register programming sequence must be followed:


    1. Enable all of the necessary power management bits of Register R6 with the exception of the out bit (Bit D4). The out bit should…

  • SSM2603 audio codec power supply questions

    Can I use DBVDD +3.3V when DCVDD, AVDD and HPVDD will be connected to 1.8V ? Is
    possible to leave HPVDD unconnected if I'm not going to use headphone outputs?


    SSM2603 can work at 3.3V for DBVDD and 1.8V for other supplies. And if

  • SSM2603 right output offset issue


    I try to use the SSM2603 chip on Zybo Z10 board for a month now and I still have the same problem: if I try to play a sinewave, the output signal look like that: (blue=right, yellow:left)

    I triple check everything:

    -My i2s input signal is OK, two's complement…

  • EVAL-SSM2603 USBi driver for windows 10

    I just purchased a EVAL-SSM2603 and I can't find a windows 10 driver that will work with the USBi. 

    Is there a driver that will support USBi device on windows 10?

  • Does SSM2603 support clock stretching for I2C?

    Hi all,

    Title says it all. Thank you.



  • SSM2603 serve as a functional replacement for the max9860

    Can the SSM2603 serve as a functional replacement for the max9860 if used with the max98307 amplifier?

    We are concerned about the output load impedance between these two chips.

    Max98307 has 8 ohm input load, ssm2603 has 16 ohm output load. Is that a problem…

  • ssm2603, I2C specification


      I am missing some specifications in the ssm2603 datasheet,

      that is: maximum low input and minimum high input voltage, as well as output drive capability (max output low voltage) for the I²C pins of this device.


      Robert Larice

  • RE: SSM2603 and L/R DAC Volume

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
  • about SSM2603 evaluation board

    we just got the SSM2603  Evaluation Board, when we connect with the computer, the USB devices cannot be identified. I found that the USB drivers is X86 , it is that mean the computer operating system is 86 bits?  My computer operating system is 64 bits.…