• Functional Safety and Networking

    After writing my blog on the functional safety requirements for robots, cobots and mobots I thought it would be interesting to tackle functional safety requirements for networking. The two topics are linked as most robots will be networked as robots…

  • RE: Eye Safety

    The system is certified to be Class 1 eye safe.

  • LTC1760 without safety signals

    In one of the new projects we are  looking at the battery charger IC LTC1760 from analog devices.
    In this,  I have question regarding custom battery interface .
    In case battery connected to the LTC1760 doesn't provide temperature  sensor voltage as…
  • Functional Safety: Recommended Reads

    While I am the functional safety guy for Analog Device’s industrial products I find it useful to read books related to many application areas. Often what is poorly explained in one book is very well explained in a book from another domain. I find a similar…

  • Functional Safety for Software

    I won’t go so far as to say that functional safety guys hate software but sometimes you would be forgiven for thinking so. From a safety point of view, software is deemed to have too many states and is said to be un-testable.

    Figure 1 - A book…

  • Safety Matters: Is it Safe?

    In my last blog, I promised to answer the question “Is it safe?”.

    Safety is freedom from unacceptable risk. The word unacceptable is very important here. Obviously jumping out of a plane with a parachute is risky but for the person involved they have…

  • isoPower-safety rated capacitor


    AN-0971(Recommendations for Control of Radiated Emissions with isoPower Devices) says Y2 grade safety capacitor as a stiching capacitor is needed.

    1. Should the stiching capacitor be Y2 grade one?

    2. Why is Y2 grade needed?

    Best Regards,

  • The Triumph of Bureaucracy in Safety Management

    Several blogs ago, I devoted a blog to a review of the book, Digital Woes: Why We Should Not Depend On Software. This blog is also a book review, but the book, Paper Safe: The Triumph of Bureaucracy in Safety Management, is much more recent with a date…

  • Functional Safety for Power

    Back in 2016 Analog Devices announced they were acquiring Linear technology - the result, an enormous power portfolio. Some of these circuits can carry more than 100 amps to servers used in data centers, others include galvanic isolation and others concentrate…

  • Industrial Control and Safety Systems

    OA Innovations staff have considerable industrial control and safety experience. Whether it is high voltage interlocking, X-ray safety, Electron beam, or simply power distribution with emergency shut- safety; we can design and build the appropriate…