• Safety Matters: What are Safety Integrity Levels?

    In my last Blog I posed the question “What are Safety Integrity levels?”.

    A safety integrity level according to IEC 61508 is “discrete level (one out of a possible four), corresponding to a range of safety integrity values, where….”. Actually, the…

  • Safety Matters: A Sampling of Functional Safety Standards

    In my last Blog, I promised a discussion on the various functional safety standards. As someone once said about standards, the great thing about standards is “that there are so many to choose from”.

    IEC 61508 is what is referred to as an A level or…

  • What's so Tough About Functional Safety?

    A while back (actually a long while back), when we were planning a new family of ultra-low power, high performance industrial DAC’s, we surveyed our customer base and one reoccurring theme we heard was “how can you make Functional Safety easier?”. Now…

  • The Triumph of Bureaucracy in Safety Management

    Several blogs ago, I devoted a blog to a review of the book, Digital Woes: Why We Should Not Depend On Software. This blog is also a book review, but the book, Paper Safe: The Triumph of Bureaucracy in Safety Management, is much more recent with a date…

  • RE: LTC1760 without safety signals

    You can't apply a constant voltage, but you can use a "dummy" thermistor. You still need the normal TH1A, TH1B, TH2A, & TH2B resistors in place. Just put a resistor where the thermistor would normally go. 300ohms is typical.

    Note that…

  • Functional safety isolation

    Hi all,

    We're developing a functional safety product in accordance with IEC 61508 and ISO 13849.

    In our circuit we have a safety-related processor, using an SPI interface to exchange data with a uC non-functional safety.

    According with functional…

  • In the LTC6811 Safety Manual, the period by which the SM7 safety mechanism shall be executed is not mentioned! So, what should be its periodicity of execution?

    Hi all,

    In the safety manual of LTC6811, section  3B.1 ASSUMPTIONS OF USE FOR ASIL C; it is mentioned that the safety mechanisms shall be executed periodically.
    I'm interested in knowing the periodicity of execution for the safety mechanism SM7, as it…

  • Functional Safety & Security

    Functional safety concentrates on protecting people, assets and the environment from inadvertent harm caused by non-malicious actors, for instance by bad planning, bad implementation, a bad set of requirements or random failures.

    Cyber security on…

  • Safety in FIRST

    Build season has started! That means lots of excitement, and it also means lots of opportunities to keep yourself and your teammates safe. We have our Winner and Runners-Up for the 2019 Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL! The winning entry was fr…

  • (ADuM14x)Functional safety

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADuM14x.

    Our customer is trying to use ADuM14x.

    Target application is EPS.

    So the Functional safety is very important.

    They want to know the failure mode.

    The worst case is insulation breakdown.

    For example if contamination…