• Comment on Safety Matters: A Sampling of Functional Safety Standards

    The bottom tier of standards are level C standards and apply to specific pieces of equipment.

    Thanks for the excellent series so far! I've gone over the ISO 12100 to try and see how a NIST FIPS validation would fit into the Safety Standards…

  • Comment on Safety Matters: A Sampling of Functional Safety Standards

    Hi kalshecryaut,

                                  my next blog due to be published at the end of April 2018 will cover the topic of functional safety and security. I have often estimated the overlap between the domains to be as high as 90% but some experts believe it…

  • Safety Matters: A Sampling of Functional Safety Standards

    In my last Blog, I promised a discussion on the various functional safety standards. As someone once said about standards, the great thing about standards is “that there are so many to choose from”.

    IEC 61508 is what is referred to as an A level or…

  • Safety Matters: What are Safety Integrity Levels?

    In my last Blog I posed the question “What are Safety Integrity levels?”.

    A safety integrity level according to IEC 61508 is “discrete level (one out of a possible four), corresponding to a range of safety integrity values, where….”. Actually, the…

  • RE: Eye Safety

    The system is certified to be Class 1 eye safe.

  • In the LTC6811 Safety Manual, the period by which the SM7 safety mechanism shall be executed is not mentioned! So, what should be its periodicity of execution?

    Hi all,

    In the safety manual of LTC6811, section  3B.1 ASSUMPTIONS OF USE FOR ASIL C; it is mentioned that the safety mechanisms shall be executed periodically.
    I'm interested in knowing the periodicity of execution for the safety mechanism SM7, as it…

  • Comment on Terminology & Functional Safety

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  • ADM2587E Protect Function and Safety

    Do ADM2587E meet IEC 61000 safety as below?

    Or else Parts can meet same test standard level?

    What does ±15 kV ESD Protection in ADM2587E mean?

    HBM or Air?

  • Terminology & Functional Safety

    It is very hard to have a serious discussion on any topic if we can’t agree on what words mean. In particular, definitions are important and of course the relevant terminology.

    In an upcoming blog I plan to cover how standards are written, but in…

  • Functional Safety for Power

    Back in 2016 Analog Devices announced they were acquiring Linear technology - the result, an enormous power portfolio. Some of these circuits can carry more than 100 amps to servers used in data centers, others include galvanic isolation and others concentrate…