• RE: PlutoSDR 2nd Rx channel

    You can use the AD9361 based interfaces in Transceiver Toolbox in MATLAB, the ad9361 class in pyadi-iio, or the FMComms blocks in GNU Radio.

    However, since Pluto uses CMOS mode it cannot use sample rates > 30.72 MSPS in 2r2t mode.


  • Can't get GNU Radio/PlutoSDR and gqrx/PlutoSDR to both work on Ubuntu

    I can install GNU Radio as described here and make it work with the Pluto SDR.


    I can install gqrx as described here and make it work with the Pluto SDR…

  • My PlutoSDR can not connet with window


    MY PlutoSDR can not connet with window


    -LED1 is on but it is slight light.

    -Ready light is off

    -PlutoSDR is not on Device Manager

    i tried DFU update but it diden't work.


    when my pluto is go to the DFU MODE(by pressing bottom button…

  • PlutoSDR


    How can I add Bluetooth support to the Plutosdr ie connect a usb Bluetooth adaptor

    looking at a project to connect Bluetooth headphones and pipe some audio direct from Plutosdr


  • Sdsoc for plutosdr


    do you plan to add sdsoc support in plutosdr?



  • PlutoSDR custom firmware

    I was interested in compiling a custom build of the firmware that allowed selecting 8/ or 12bit data width and full or half duplex operation.  I was hoping to use 8 bit for some applications so I could get at least 10msps into the receiver.  I'm currently…

  • Starting PLUTOSDR

    Good morning

    I am starting up the PLUTO SDR. I followed the guideline and the device is active.

    So far. Following the guidelines I downloaded a couple of things they appear very similar

    The directory names are


    They have…

  • PlutoSDR missing data

    According to the information I referred to earlier, there are two ways for MATLAB to call PlutoSDR. One is based on M language, and the time interval between reading the buffer of the device will lead to the loss of some data. The other is based on Simulink…

  • Plutosdr Matlab interface

    How to connect Plutosdr in matlab

  • PlutoSDR DFU mode

    Hello Gentlemen,

    A few days ago I bought an Adalm Pluto SDR, I did the first Test of reception and it works very well.

    I tried to make a change after this tutorial:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2LtY3ZJ_wc&t=22s  I did not succeed, I probably did…