• Pluto only hear white noise


    Just bought a Pluto SDR ( my 3rd SDR, I  had other brands w/o issues. Just Sold my SDRPlay last month and upgraded? to the Pluto. So I have no reference SDRs) 

    The Pluto SD on my Window 10 i5 machine with Firmware v0.32 shows graphics signals  around…

  • Pluto SDR and MATLAB parallel workers


    I need to receive data from two Plutos at the same time. I wrote some parallel code in MATLAB using spmd but one of the Plutos disconnects during the process.

    If I perform sequential readings everything works fine, no USB nor Pluto issues, but obviously…

  • RE: Programming / Flashing a Blank Pluto Board

    One one of my pluto boards this works. I can download boot.dfu, pluto.dfu and firmware.dfu. 

    We have a second pluto board in which i am not able to follow the same steps. 

    Pluto 1 - I can follow all these steps.

    Pluto 2 has the following output.


  • Pluto flashes but shows no drive

    On Pluto LED1 flashes, Ready lights constantly - but no Drive is shown on PC (and no USB-connection is possible).

    Reason of this malfunction is perhaps a (short) error in power supply while connecting. But all test points show correct voltages. Only PG_1P3V…

  • Problem with the DMA Pluto

    Hi. I did some modifications in the PL part. I have some problems with the DMA (i think) or maybe with the Reset of the system.

    The spectrum  it is static, it does not change :

    This ocurrs sometimes. If i do some "reboot" in the linux (it can be 1 or…

  • RE: Wifi connection of M2K and Pluto

    Hello, thank you for your reply. I think I am doing setup right, but it still does not work. I will try to describe whole process step by step

    1. Conntecting unpowered pluto by USB to laptop
    2. Pluto turns on, mass storage detected
    3. Fill config file with ssid_wlan…
  • flash adalm pluto via jtag


    my adalm pluto stopped cooperation after update to 0.33 and returning to 0.32. It shows the following output on jtag usb adapter:

    U-Boot PlutoSDR v0.20-PlutoSDR-00043-gefdb9e8 (Apr 24 2018 - 16:16:28 +0200)

    I2C: ready
    DRAM: ECC disabled 512 MiB

  • ADALM-Pluto: All ports are filtered

    as I described here: If I support Pluto with power via USB connector on the right side all went as expected. (Pluto is accessible via Windows10 and via ethernet-connector/OTG.)

    But if I change config.txt to

    # Analog Devices PlutoSDR Rev.B (Z7010-AD9363…

  • RE: pluto local tools

    Thanks in advance, i know reals radios, i know real computers, i'm only learning SDR but the pluto is pushing an old man hard, via the com port i have it doing things we could only dream of 20 years ago, would be nice to automate that with…
  • RE: DFU issue mode with ADALM-Pluto

    DFU mode is entered when the bootloader fails which occurs when the firmware become corrupted.

    After running the dfu-utils updates as documented you can simply power cycle the board to get back to normal operation. Or supply the -R flag with the dfu-utils…