• How to reset ADALM Pluto to default

    Out of the box, I have not seen a very clean signal in cabled loopback operation. Is there a way to reset things back to default to see if that makes a difference to the spectrum?

  • ADALM-PLUTO firmware update fails

    *** happens! I unplugged the usb-connection while pluto was updating firmware (LED1 flashed fast)! Now no usb-connection is available. Is there a way to reset the pluto?

    Thanks Andreas

  • Save files permanent in Linux Pluto

    Hi. I want to save files inside the Pluto (FIR filter config ).I copy the file into the pluto using SSH in  the /root/ folder, after a reset in the Pluto i cant see anymore the file. 

  • Python inside ADALM-Pluto (PlutoSDR)

    Hello all

    I want to share my experience how to use Python inside ADALM-Pluto.

    Python installation:

    (1) Download Python-2.7.3.tar.gz from rankeney user's message here

    Add python (or any rpm) on Petalinux - Community Forums
    (2) Copy Python-2.7.3…

  • RE: Bricked ADALM-PLUTO

    Once you update Pluto from DFU mode you must reboot Pluto by either power cycling the board or with the dfu-utils reset. It won't do this automatically.


  • Adalm-Pluto: IIO smooths signal

    Hello everyone, following situation:

    I've got an Adalm-Pluto which I just reseted. When i start my programm (which works like a spectrum analyzer + transmitter) I transmit the following signal 

    When I start the IIO Oscilloscope now, the Signal immediately…

  • How to Brick your Pluto SDR

    Hi folks,

    I'm away from my home lab (because of COVID) and recently acquired a PlutoSDR to tide me over until I can return home. Given I'm low on tools, I'm curious of if there are any known ways to irreversibly brick the device (so that I can avoid them…

  • Pluto only hear white noise


    Just bought a Pluto SDR ( my 3rd SDR, I  had other brands w/o issues. Just Sold my SDRPlay last month and upgraded? to the Pluto. So I have no reference SDRs) 

    The Pluto SD on my Window 10 i5 machine with Firmware v0.32 shows graphics signals  around…

  • RE: Pluto firmware update

    If you are just updating the firmware, copying the pluto.frm is all that is necessary. You can also just drop the entire .zip file and eject which will reset all the settings to default.

    The boot.frm file isn't necessary unless you modified the boot sequence…

  • Pluto SDR and MATLAB parallel workers


    I need to receive data from two Plutos at the same time. I wrote some parallel code in MATLAB using spmd but one of the Plutos disconnects during the process.

    If I perform sequential readings everything works fine, no USB nor Pluto issues, but obviously…