• Question for ASDP21489 FIR/IIR


    I'm testing ADSP-21489 for audio processing(iir,fir)


    1. What does coefficient modifier mean?

    2. What does input data modifier mean?

    3. What does output data modifier mean?

    these are in page.1240 (HW reference)

    what does value put in TCB ?

  • RE: Mini Input Power or Sensitivity in HMC902LP3 LNA

    Yes. The sensitivity of the LNA alone isn't very relevant and is just a measure of the Minimum Detectable signal (MDS) defined by the Noise figure (NF) and Bandwidth (BW):


    The overall receiver system however depends…

  • RE: How long have you been affiliated with Analog Devices (ADI)?


    For nearly 25 years—going back to the original ADP-2101 device--Momentum Data Systems (MDS) has worked with Analog Devices to produce tools, training programs, software and both custom and stock hardware solutions.  Currently focusing on DSP and HDMI…

  • RE: ADV7842 about YPbPr

    In the hardware users guide, section 7.22.7 explains how to set up the SDP color space converter.

    I have an old table which I have not verified but I will post it here.  Verify for your application before accepting it.


    YUV to RGB…
  • Change of username


       Can you please change my username to "Md Shameem"

  • RE: Multi Device Synchronization DACs

    We are considering AD9781. This DAC does not have MDS feature.

  • RE: HMC7044 configuration problem

    Hi Loic,

    There is a procesing time to generate a pulse after a trigger signal as input. The process time (delay) depends on parameters (VCO frequency, output divider, SYSREF divider). It is not very feasible to generate pulses with a high frequency input…

  • RE: ADC in AD9361

    From page 35 of the user guide, "The ADC maximum input (0 dBFS) is 0.625 V peak. However, to avoid compression the maximum recommend peak input level to the ADC is 0.5 V peak, which is 1.9 dB lower than full scale."

    As for minimum detectable…

  • RE: ad9835 shows 0 volt

    4 leg crystal oscillator KXO-01 24MHZ MD KYOCERA iswritten on the crystal oscillator.it shows proper output on dso.