• AD637的Cav电容设为多少才合适?

  • Which type of capacitor can be used for CAV?CF1?CF2 in the EVB of AD637

    Which type of capacitor can be used for CAV?CF1?CF2 in the EVB of AD637


    I used solid tantalum capacitors, but film types are better down to certain
    frequencies. Tantalum styles are less expensive, film types have much less
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    answer for you, read this




  • AD637 均方根统计的时间

    .如果要更改AD637 均方根统计的时间是更改Cav的值吗?Datasheet上说明的好像是25ms/UF,需要统计信号频率不超过700Hz。

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    Did you refer to the formula in "section2.pdf" page 18 in the link "RMS to DC Conversion Application Guide..." in the datasheet?

    It states that for two pole output filter like your setup, The 1% settling time is equal to

  • The responce of AD637 when the large signal is came

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I just use your AD637 RMS to DC converter.
    Input is the sound signal.
    CAV is put 100uF capacitor.
    When the large sound is inputed to AD637 Vin momentarily,we just found to output pulse-signal.
    So the analog meter that is put the RMSOUT-pin…

  • RE: 按照手册上的电路测试,AD603出现波形失真,怎么解决。

    图片是手机拍的   我把反馈电容CAV由10uF换成了0.1uF   波形变成如下图所示  还是有失真

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  • RE: Calculation formula for settling time AD736's

    Hello Emman,

    Just I would like to know as following.

    I am confirming your Fig.8 on AN-268 page6/12.

    It show at CF=0uF condition.

    So I have a question, if CF become large value eg.1uF,10uF,,,,, how does CAV-line move to?

    I need the its characterristic…

  • RE: 急,有关AD637使用

    关于RMS-DC我一直使用的是AD637,性能卓越,用它的时候你也需要注意几个地方,1,没有必要的时候缓冲器不要使用,RMS OUT有很强的驱动能力,可以直接驱动ADC或万用表.2,CAV的大小在不同的信号频率直接影响到一个转换速度,这个速度在决定你读值,如果你太快它就会影响你的一个精度.所以要看你现在测量的是什么信号,频率是多少?再去确定CAV的值,这样问题就解决了.如果你还有什么问题你可以直接联系我.