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    Hello Emman,

    Just I would like to know as following.

    I am confirming your Fig.8 on AN-268 page6/12.

    It show at CF=0uF condition.

    So I have a question, if CF become large value eg.1uF,10uF,,,,, how does CAV-line move to?

    I need the its characterristic…

  • RE: 急,有关AD637使用

    关于RMS-DC我一直使用的是AD637,性能卓越,用它的时候你也需要注意几个地方,1,没有必要的时候缓冲器不要使用,RMS OUT有很强的驱动能力,可以直接驱动ADC或万用表.2,CAV的大小在不同的信号频率直接影响到一个转换速度,这个速度在决定你读值,如果你太快它就会影响你的一个精度.所以要看你现在测量的是什么信号,频率是多少?再去确定CAV的值,这样问题就解决了.如果你还有什么问题你可以直接联系我.

  • RE: AD737 scale factor and linerity

    Hi George,

    I also want to verify the schematic of your customer. Are you referring to the Figure 29: External Scale factor Trim or Figure 30: dB Output Connection?  Also where the 22 ohms was inserted, between the -Vs(Pin 4) to Cav or Pin 4 to ground…

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  • RE: Differential voltage 0 to 300 milli Volts across a shunt

    Hi Klaus,

    I Got PCB done with AD636, It is working fine, But the response time is bit slow and I think that can be adjusted with Cav()C3 capacitor by lower it.

    I need to check AD736 as well I think It should also work with the same circuit I have Uploaded…

  • RE: AD637响应时间

    1. 输入1V正弦波,输出要建立到0.99V,也就是1%精度是需要时间的,就是纵轴。

    2. 1ms的转换时间很短,参考Figure13,你需要小的CAV,比如10nF,此时20kHz的信号建立到0.01%误差需要,10mS。建立到0.1%的误差,可能为1ms。

  • RE: Does ADV7181C support BT.1120 mode?

    The device will handle formats up to 720p/1080i with output of YCrCb 20 bits which fulfills some of the BT.1020 specifications.  The ADV7181C LLC is limited to 110MHz so it can not output 1080p60

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    Thanks for the schematic, it shows up well. Here are a couple of observations:

    1. Assuming you used figure 28 as a guide, the 100k/4.7uF array creates a floating reference for the AD736, so the circuit is no longer referenced to the same ground as your…