• About using ADUX 1020


    I would like to use ADUX1020.

    So, I have two questions. Please help me.



    I would like to use six ADUX 1020 and control them with one master.
    Can I set and distinguish slave addresses to each sensor with I2C communication?


    In the…

  • AD637的Cav电容设为多少才合适?

  • Which type of capacitor can be used for CAV?CF1?CF2 in the EVB of AD637

    Which type of capacitor can be used for CAV?CF1?CF2 in the EVB of AD637


    I used solid tantalum capacitors, but film types are better down to certain
    frequencies. Tantalum styles are less expensive, film types have much less
  • About the ”Y Ratio vs. X Ratio” when using ADUX 1020

    Hi all,
    I would like to ask about ADUX 1020.

    Using the Optical Gesture Evaluation Tool,
    I'm evaluating ADUX1020-EVAL-SDP(EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and ADUX1020 MCM board).

    I checked the graph of ”Y Ratio vs. X Ratio” on the Graph XYI tab.

    Even if I move…

  • How do I use an external LED with the ADUX 1020 eval board?


    How do I connect an external LED to the ADUX 1020 eval board? Is there a place on the board that allows me to access the LEDX pin? Also, would I need to disable the onboard LED?



  • AD637 均方根统计的时间

    .如果要更改AD637 均方根统计的时间是更改Cav的值吗?Datasheet上说明的好像是25ms/UF,需要统计信号频率不超过700Hz。

  • RE: AD536A Spice problem


    Did you refer to the formula in "section2.pdf" page 18 in the link "RMS to DC Conversion Application Guide..." in the datasheet?

    It states that for two pole output filter like your setup, The 1% settling time is equal to

  • The responce of AD637 when the large signal is came

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I just use your AD637 RMS to DC converter.
    Input is the sound signal.
    CAV is put 100uF capacitor.
    When the large sound is inputed to AD637 Vin momentarily,we just found to output pulse-signal.
    So the analog meter that is put the RMSOUT-pin…

  • ADV8005 HDMI TX output resolution


    I want to know when ADV8005 memory mode is set to YCbCr-12b-10b-10b

    And HDMI TX color depth is set to 30bit, (10bit x 3)

    What is the max output level will be? 1020 or 1023?

    It seems the max value is force to 1020?

    I try to use contrast to set to…

  • RE: 按照手册上的电路测试,AD603出现波形失真,怎么解决。

    图片是手机拍的   我把反馈电容CAV由10uF换成了0.1uF   波形变成如下图所示  还是有失真