• ADV7622 drivers

    I am looking for the USB drivers for the ADV7622/7623 eval board. Our customer

    has the appropriate HDCP license, which is how they were able to purchase the

    board. On ADI’s website for the ADV7622 - https://ez.analog.com/docs/DOC-3113 -

    it states…

  • ADV7622/ADV7623 Datasheets


    Are the datasheets for ADV7622/ADV7623 still covered by NDA?

    It's been a few years now trying to get access to these. We have even offered to sign an NDA and ADI refuses. I don't quite understand this process.

    Currently we are looking…

  • ADV7622 Design Support Files

    The ADV7622 is a 4-input, 1-output HDMI transceiver.

    This page contains the key support documents and configuration settings that a user of the ADV7622 requires; these are attached and linked below. The ADV7622 is also supported with a comprehensive software…

  • ADV7622/26 EQ Peformance

    We planing a HDMI Matrix project. The input/output borad will be daughter board. We would like to calculate what distance can be routed in FR-4 PCB. Since ADV7626/22 is support advative equalization. We can't expect how long PCB trace can be recovery…

  • How to use the ADV7622/7612 EEPROM


    We are evaluating using the HDMI receiver ADV7611.

    I would like to achieve the following,
    We would appreciate it if you could advise us what kind of circuit configuration is appropriate.

    Also, please tell us about the following questions about the…

  • Re: HDMI input via ADV7622 into ADSP 21489


    I'm using an ADSP 21489 attached to the EZ extender, along with an ADV 7623 for HDMI input. Where can I find some sample code to get HDMI input into the ADSP 21489, and get analog out via the EZ Extender?



  • How HBR audio bitstream embedded to I2S output interface in parallel mode when audio input source is Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio?

    Dir Sir.

    We have questions about how ADV7622 put HBR audio bitstream to I2S output interface in paralle mode(4 data lines). Is there any format diff. output from ADV7622’s I2S between Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio input from HDMI?

    Attached file…

  • ARC termination circuits

    The ADV7622/3 and ADV7511 have different ARC termination circuits. On the ADV7511, the coupling capacitors are in-line but on the ADV7622, the coupling capacitors are in parallel. Why is this?

  • RE: 7611 enable TMDS without freerun mode

    I am just adding system clarification to this question.  Customer's system is a modular display wall, with each module having the signal flow:  ADV7611 Rx (handling/decrypting HDCP) --> processor block that drives local panel and provides throughput…

  • Re: HDMI Out


    I'm using a Sharc EZ Extender attached to a ADV7622. I feed in a 5.1 signal with a video (total 7 channels, from a Protools session) as input to the ADV board and noticed that I can either output just the video or just the audio as HDMI out from…