• Bypass capacitor placement for ADSP-21362/3 for LE_QFP package

    Can you please confirm the proposed placement of bypass capacitors for ADSP-21362/3 for LE_QFP package?

  • about the symbol of adsp-21362

    How can i get the symbol of adsp-21362? I have find the footprint(BC-136) of ADSP-21362 on the analog web, but cannot find the symbol.

  • Where is the adsp-21362 symbol?

    I can find the footprint of adsp-21362 from protel type,but I'm confused when i download ADI_All_Protel99_Symbols that don't have the adsp-213621's name in the folder.

  • RE: about the hardware design of adsp-21362

    Maybe,i don't understand the boot process from datasheet.I think i must boot adsp-21362 from spi flash(master mode),the boot kernel and my appliaction programe must be burned on the flash.Then the boot kernel boot adsp-21362 and load the application from…

  • How can i configure an internal boot on ADSP-21362?

    I read the words from SHARC  Data sheet file "The internal memory of the ADSP-21362x boots at system power-up from an 8-bit EPROM via the parallel port,an SPI master,an SPI slave,or an internal boot.Booting is determined by the boot configration pins.…

  • RE: How can use parallel port of adsp-21362 connect to FIFOs?


         Thank you for your answers!

         I want use read FIFOs use DMA mode vis parallel port,and how can i control it?How can i use DMA transmit data via parallel?

         I'm confused about the DMA timings(It is not clear on the datasheet of adsp-21362) and the…

  • How FFT accelerator (FFTA) on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x is different as compared to ADSP-214xx processors / What are the major features of FFTA on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x ?

    FFT Accelerator on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x is a completely new design as compared to the FFT accelerator on ADSP-214xx processors. The major differences/features of the FFT accelerator on ADSPSC58x/ADSP-2158x are:

    • Unlike in ADSP-214xx, the…
  • Porting software  from ADSP-21489 to ADSP-21573 and ADSP-SC573 

    Customer ask some questions.

    Right now we have  plenty of software for ADSP-21489, but it’s quite hard to port it to ADSP-SC573 family. Code itself

    is 99% C and C++.


    Does family ADSP-SC573 have interface with external static memory like AMI for ADSP…

  • prototyping the a ADSP-TS203S design with a ADSP-TS201s or a ADSP-TS202S

    We're currently laying out a prototype PCB to take an ADSP-TS203 TigerSHARC
    Processor (i.e. with only a 32 bit cluster bus and 2 link ports). Could we fit
    an ADSP-TS201/2 to this board if we constrict external bus access to 32 bits
  • How DMC/DDR controller in ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x different than DDR2 controller on ADSP-2146x ?



    Supports only DDR2 memory devices Supports DDR3, DDR2, and LPDDR memory devices
    Supports maximum clock/data rate of 225/450 MHz Supports maximum…