• about the symbol of adsp-21362

    How can i get the symbol of adsp-21362? I have find the footprint(BC-136) of ADSP-21362 on the analog web, but cannot find the symbol.

  • RE: about the hardware design of adsp-21362

    Maybe,i don't understand the boot process from datasheet.I think i must boot adsp-21362 from spi flash(master mode),the boot kernel and my appliaction programe must be burned on the flash.Then the boot kernel boot adsp-21362 and load the application from…

  • Bypass capacitor placement for ADSP-21362/3 for LE_QFP package

    Can you please confirm the proposed placement of bypass capacitors for ADSP-21362/3 for LE_QFP package?

  • Where is the adsp-21362 symbol?

    I can find the footprint of adsp-21362 from protel type,but I'm confused when i download ADI_All_Protel99_Symbols that don't have the adsp-213621's name in the folder.

  • SHARC SPI slave select and IRQ/FLAG pins

    Can you please elaborate on the operation of the IRQ/FLAG pins on the ADSP-2126x and ADSP-21362/3/4/5/6 processors, in conjunction with their use as SPI slave select outputs as well?

  • RE: How can use parallel port of adsp-21362 connect to FIFOs?


       You can use the parallel port of ADSP-21362 to FIFOs. The hardware interface can be implemented in the same way as explained on the HRM. In the software you have to use the EMPP register as zero. The timings available on the datasheet should be…

  • How can i configure an internal boot on ADSP-21362?

    I read the words from SHARC  Data sheet file "The internal memory of the ADSP-21362x boots at system power-up from an 8-bit EPROM via the parallel port,an SPI master,an SPI slave,or an internal boot.Booting is determined by the boot configration pins.…

  • RE: Getting I/O data using DMA

    Hi Pedro,

      Were you able to resolve the issue?

    If you are not using the external port for anything else, then you may connect the ADC using the external port. External port supports chaining and that might help in your application.Please refer to EE…

  • Using Matlab


    Matlab has several building block that enable to easily program the SHARCs and ADC/DAC chips the analog devices provide. They however have limited selection. As SHARC 21479 is a new device, I could not see any matlab/simulink blockset for it, so…

  • RE: ADSP-2136x with FPGA co-processor

    Hi Jason,

    You have pretty much pointed out all the options for SHARC family to interface to an FPGA. The most common method used by customers is to interface via the parallel port or the external port AMI (Asynchronous memory interface) based on which…