• ADRF6720 issue with USB communication

    Greetings, I am trying to set up communication with the evaluation board of ADRF6720. I powered it correctly and from the GUI no alert was raised. I am retrieving a continuous 0xffff from the engineering section for each register of the board, even if…

  • ADRF6720-27 SPI issue

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently bought ADRF6720-27 and trying to control it via SPI , but it is not working.

    When I read the datasheet, it shows how to transfer data via SPI " CMD register followed by Read/Write than data(16 bits) "

    What I could get…

  • ADRF6720 Unused LO Outputs

    Hi Team,

    We are using ADRF6720BCPZ in a design. We don't need the LO outputs (pins #18 and 19). What should we do with the unused LO+ and LO- pins? Can we just float them?

    Thanks in advance.

  • RE: ADRF6720 Built-In-Test


    Is there still an issue? If there is, I suggest posting a different question for a BIT test in a specific DAC you are using.  Then when there are DAC outputs in quadrature signals to drive ADRF6720 inputs in quadrature I and Q, we can move to a…

  • spurs out in ADRF6720

    my DAC spectrum looks like in DACspectrum picture,                                          
    Question: Why ADRF6720 output spectrum looks like in MODspectrum picture?

  • ADRF6720-27 carrier frequency stability


    I have an ADRF6720-27 EVAL-Z board and an ADRF6820 EVAL-Z connected together through RFout -> RFin. When IQ inputs of ADRF 6720-27 are generating the sequence (-1,-1), (-1,1), (1,1), (1,-1), (1,1), (-1,1) cyclically, where 1 represents 3.2V on the…

  • ADRF6720 RF isolation

    Which is the expected level of the RF signal when the ADRF6720 modulator is disabled?

    all the remaining circuits are up and running (Address 0x01 = F27F)




  • ADRF6720-27 EVALZ

    I was working with the evaluation board, and things seem to be working correctly.

    The board seemed to deteriorate from "locked" but with a frequency 5MHZ off from the desired frequency.  Now I am not seeing any lock at all.

    Is there some insight…

  • DAC AD9115 with ADRF6720-27

    I have implemented the DC blocking capacitor as shown on a previous post to create the level shift at 2.7V.


    I am seeing some ringing on the Vector Signal Analyzer on the burst…