• adrf6720

    Hello, we are using ADRF6720 in a custom device, no EVALZ.

    I cannot get the right RF frequency at output. I have 26Mhz ref input. I want 2500Mhz rf output.

    I only change ref in divider and integer-fractional divider value, all other registers remain…

  • adrf6720

    We are using a 10 MHz frequency reference from a GPS on the ADRF6720.  It looks like our output frequency randomly shifts by about +/-1.25 Hz around the desired frequency.  Is this normal, and is there some setting that could limit these frequency changes…

  • ADRF6720 RF isolation

    Which is the expected level of the RF signal when the ADRF6720 modulator is disabled?

    all the remaining circuits are up and running (Address 0x01 = F27F)




  • adrf6720 registers


    using adrf6720 evaluation board, and GUI interface I'm able to program the ADRF6720. Just some issues: to onaly way toprogram it, I need to:

    - provide correct power supply to the board (3.3 v) and supply LO

    - launch the program with the…

  • ADRF6720-27

    I have a problem with the output power of ADRF6720-27, It's output power is about -16dbm while in datasheet said it is about 0dBm. i read and checked all registers and input power of baseband inputs and i think they are OK. Can anyone help me to improve…

  • ADRF6820 and ADRF6720


    I'm testing a system made by a chain of ADRF6720 and ADRF6820 with a modulator with I/Q source (TX) and a demodulator with I/Q receiver, Here the scheme

    PLL oscillator are ok for both adrf6720 and adrf6820. Upconverted signal semms to be…

  • AD9136+ADRF6720 image rejection

    Hello all,

    I made a pcb using AD9136, ADRF6720 and a gain block as a TX chain.

    I made some test for different kind of scenario. Below is an example for 20MHz LTE (not the full frame) sampled at 983.04MHz. LO is at 2109.28MHz and LTE carrier is at 2140MHz…

  • Driver for ADRF6720

    Hello all,

    Do you have driver for the ADRF6720? I am using ZC706 with no-os.

    Thanks a lot.



  • ADRF6720 Sideband Supression Methodology

    Hey forum,

    I am using ADRF6720 and trying to suppress image product of it. Now I am doing it manually, so my question is, is there any algorithm or mathematical model for side band suppression. Datasheet says you can adjust side band by configuring I_LO…

  • ADRF6720, PLL lock.


    We are working with chip ADRF6720 and we want to turn PLL lock. If the lock detect signal is available as one of the selectable outputs through the MUXOUT pin 1, with a logic high signifying that the loop is locked, but we can’t see it. When we…