• ADM1066 delay time

    Dear ADI Expert,

    I would like to clear ADM1066 issues.

    When I setup Sequencing engine in the SuperSequencer tools , the Timer delays can be set from 10 μs to 400 ms, the delay time is effect by output delay or input delay?

    If I setup a state but didn…

  • ADM1066: application questions

    1. In the closed-loop margining application as showed in Figure 33 in
    datasheet, if  DACOUTn is placed with midcode at 1.0V, DC/DC output (VPn) is
    supposed to be 3.4V as normal voltage, and we want to get %5 up and down margin
    at OUTPUT…
  • ADM1066 Configuration tool download

    We're interested in the ADM1066. I would like to  download the configuration tool to give the configuration environment a test  run but have been unsuccessful in locating it. Is there a download on the web?
  • DAC power up default state of ADM1066

    For ADM1066, after power on, what's the DAC's output? 0V or mid-scale value?
    I read the datasheet and it says DAC pin is high impedance, I am not sure what
    that means for DAC output?
    I hope you can help clarify.


    When the…
  • ADM1066 AUX Signals in the State Machine

    How can I use the AUX signals in the ADM1066 power on state machine?
    Wewant to use the AUX signals as power down and device insertion protect.


    The AUX signals are monitored using the ADC channels, and this means that it is
    the WARNING…
  • What's the Theta-Jc of ADM1066


    Could you please help to provide the Theta-Jc of ADM1066 ; I can't find them in datasheet.


  • ADM1066 read register FSTAT1 and FSTAT2

    Hi, Could you guide me how to read ADM1066 register FSTAT1 and 2 (0xE0, 0xE1) thru SMBus?

    Thank you!!


  • ADM1066 input/output pins are capable of doing multi-tasks

    we would like to know that if ADM1066 input/output pins are capable of doing multi-tasks (sequence, monitoring, and margin) or it can only do single task.

    Or any suggestion for this applcaiton

  • I want to find detailed description of all the ADM1066 register.

    want to find detailed description of all the ADM1066 register. AN-698 include part of them.But I need total. Thanks!


    • While debugging an ADM1066 with USB-SDP-CABLEZ, power was removed from the ADM1066 device.
    • Super sequencer tool said something about not removing power while in debug mode.
    • Now the USB-SDP-Cablez in use under super sequencer debugging no longer…