• RE: ADM1066 Configuration tool download

    Hi Hankers,

    The configuration tool can be downloaded from the ADM1066 webpage under the "software and tools" tab in the evaluation board section (see link below). You also need to download the common run-time installer from this page. There's a number…


    • While debugging an ADM1066 with USB-SDP-CABLEZ, power was removed from the ADM1066 device.
    • Super sequencer tool said something about not removing power while in debug mode.
    • Now the USB-SDP-Cablez in use under super sequencer debugging no longer…
  • RE: ADM7170

    Hi Bill,

    It seems like you are trying to do an application for power supply margining. You could place a capacitor between two attenuation resistor to filter the noise on the DAC output  like on the figure below:

    The sum of the attenuation resistors…

  • What's the Theta-Jc of ADM1066


    Could you please help to provide the Theta-Jc of ADM1066 ; I can't find them in datasheet.


  • I want to find detailed description of all the ADM1066 register.

    want to find detailed description of all the ADM1066 register. AN-698 include part of them.But I need total. Thanks!

  • ADM1066: application questions

    1. In the closed-loop margining application as showed in Figure 33 in
    datasheet, if  DACOUTn is placed with midcode at 1.0V, DC/DC output (VPn) is
    supposed to be 3.4V as normal voltage, and we want to get %5 up and down margin
    at OUTPUT…
  • RE: ADM106x Headerfile

    Hi René,

    The GUI SuperSequencer evaluation software that can be download for free at


    is the best way to program the part.

    It has a offline…

  • RE: I2C Interface Not Initialized - Super Sequencer Software

    Exactly which windows OS are you using?

    What is the version number of the Super Sequencer Software? The latest is v4.2.1 available here


  • RE: ADM1066 read register FSTAT1 and FSTAT2


    I moved this question about the ADM1066 to the Power Management community.  Please continue the discussion here.



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