• ADG774

    Dear Sir,

    For ADG774 , how many voltage in PIN 1 (IN) will be as input high voltage condition when Vdd = 1.8V?



  • ADG774 ESD Issue


    In one of my customers new optical transceiver module design  they are planning to use ADG774ADCPZ-R2 analog switch. In this part data sheet is not found any ESD rating  data. If this part doesn’t  have any protection features  possibly you may…

  • RE: Looking for model ADG774BRZ for Multisim 14

    Hi Victor,

    Unfortunately, there is no available SPICE model for the ADG774. However, you may try to use four ADG719 in your simulation as a replacement of one ADG774. See link below.

    ADG719 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices 

    The ADG719 has…

  • RE: SPDT Audio Switch 4-Channel 2:1

    Hi Pannerrajan,

    ADG858 is available in LFCSP package only.

    But if SOIC and TSSOP package is your requirement you can try using ADG774 which is in SOIC package or ADG734 which is in LFCSP package. Both parts are suited for audio and video switching.

  • Can I get a schematic of ADG774BRZ?

    Hello. Can I get a circuit of at least one key from the chip ADG774BRZ? Here's how, for example, the circuit chip NE5532. Here the same scheme, where there is transistors, resistors and etc. I can get it for ADG774BRZ?

  • RE: ADG858 for USB?

    Hi May,

    Thanks for the reply. ADG774 is actually what I was looking for. But its package seems not small enough for my application. So I guess I will use two ADG772 devices.


  • RE: ADG774ABCPZ-R2 IBIS model

    Hello Patrick,

    Unfortunately, we do not have an IBIS model for this product, nor do we have a suitable IBIS model that could be used as a replacement.

    We are working on generating more IBIS models, but this will take a long time and I cannot guarantee…

  • RE: ADG794

    Hi tgcoombs,

    I checked the ADG774 and found out that the device is an Nmos only switch thus is has a restricted signal range.

    You might want to check the ADG772, dual 2:1 Mux with 6.7ohms on resistance and has a bandwidth of up to 63MHz. The ADG772 has a…

  • RE: Accessing I2C address of ADT7516 ( Temp sensor )

    Yes, I want to use ADT7516 eval board with the beaglebone for writing a driver for it.

    embedded - Connecting Temperature sensor EVAL board (ADT7516) to the BeagleBone Green - Electrical Engineering Stack Exc… 

    You can check the eval board on the above…

  • RE: ADG888 used to invert a supply voltage

    Hello Kristin,

    I support Reinhards suggestion that the ADG888 is permanently connected to the power supply.

    You don't specify the issues you are seeing with your pump.

    When you want to turn the pump off, do you need to turn off the switch too…