• RE: Audio EZ-Extender with ADSP-BF561 EZ-Kit Lite


    Sport_B is connected to the ADAV801.  I assume you have digital audio input going into the SPDIF_IN jack...?  Also, has the ADAV801 been configured?



  • RE: S/PDIF + analog audio to I2S

    Hi alon.bender,

    The ADAV801/803 are your best bet for this application. No other parts offer both stereo ADCs and S/PDIF. ADAV801 is SPI controlled and the ADAV803 is I2C control.



  • ADAV801: How to determine the incoming SPDIF Sample Rate

    Is there a way to determine the incoming SPDIF sample rate with the ADAV801?

  • ADAV801 Codec


         Any one can help me, how to read OSF(Original Sampling Frequency) from the ADAV801 Consumer Audio Standard. As per the IEC 60958 standard we can read the OSF from the Register address 0x24 (bits 36 - 39). but in the ADAV801 Codec Chip those Bits…

  • RE: Downsampling by 2 Support with SPDIF & Analog inputs of Blackfin Audio Extender Card


    According to the ADAV801 datasheet, it has an on-chip Sample Rate Converter (SRC), so yes, you should be able to take in input from SPDIF at 96KHz and send the output at 48KHz.  Also, you can take digital data in from SPDIF via the ADAV801 and send…

  • ADAV801 ALC function


    at present i am working with a ADAV801-based CODEC-board, which works fine and is easy to handle by setting the approriate registers.

    In addition now  i want to use the ALC-function of the ADAV801 because the ADC Input level is not well defined …


    I get closer and desperate.

    I got codec B working (while A not configured). It has to be master for receive and transmit, bit clock and frame clock.

    So I recognized, the processor doesn't care for TFS1, as it doesn't get this signal and sends on SPORT…

  • RE: ADAV801 in Audio Extender

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  • ADAV801 ALC2 register settings for a suitable speech regulation


    does anyone have experience with the suitable settings of the ADAV801 ALC Control  registers (recovery mode, attack time, release time etc) for a acceptable speech regulation ?

    Kind regards


  • ADAV801 duty cycle error


    a question regarding the SYSCLK2 output on ADAV801.

    At XIN I have a 27MHz crystal, at SYSCLK2 I need 24.576 MHz with 50% duty cycle.

    Because I use PLL2 and double sample rate (48 kHz x 2), I need to write in register 0x75 the value 0x10.