• RE: Alternate part for AD9768

    As discussed offline, AD9114 is recommended

  • RE: Mode of operation of AD9768

    This has been closed out offline. Customer moving design to AD9114 since AD9768 is no longer recommended for new designs.

  • RE: AD9714 frequency response

    I believe the settling time  will be similar to the AD9114 which is specified to settle to 0.1% in 11.5ns, but I will need to confirm with out design engineers.

  • AD9914 Ref_clk input absolute maximum rating level?


    Does anyone know the answer for the above? I have been trying to obtain this information for sometime to write the specifcation for my AD9114 card design. Your help would be much appreciated.

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  • ADRF6720 EXT LO INPUT Impedance

    Hello all,

    LOIN– (pin 33) and LOIN+ (pin 34) are 50Ohm each or 50 Ohm differential (25Ohm each)? Checking your eval board (AD9114/ADRF6720), it seems that it is 100Ohm diff so I want to double check with you.
    Thanks for your help.



  • 请教AD9114的差分电流输出转换成差分电压输出电路


  • AD9115 (AD9114 AD9116 AD9117) SPI Port Problems

    We have built a prototype board using the AD9115 DAC and I’m trying to configure it using the SPI port and am having trouble.  Here’s what I’m doing and what I’m getting:


    • I power up the DAC and then toggle the RESET/PINMD pin from low to high to…
  • Output compliance for AD911x?

    Hi folks,

    What is the output voltage compliance range for the AD9114-7 DACs with AVDD = 3.3V?  I see where the common mode voltage is -0.5 to +1.2 and the max full scale output current is 20 mA, but I don't see the DAC output voltage range limits.…

  • RE: AD9114/5/6/7 output stage voltage compliance

    The schematic is a very simplified  version of the of the actual schematic. the CML pins have to be tied to gnd(AVSS) directly or thru an external  common mode resistor to gnd when not using the internal CML resistors. We have made this very clear in the…