• AD9115 (AD9114 AD9116 AD9117) SPI Port Problems

    We have built a prototype board using the AD9115 DAC and I’m trying to configure it using the SPI port and am having trouble.  Here’s what I’m doing and what I’m getting:


    • I power up the DAC and then toggle the RESET/PINMD pin from low to high to…
  • AD9114/5/6/7 output stage voltage compliance

    I have a question regarding the main DAC output of the AD9114 / AD9115 / AD9116 / AD9117.

    Power is +3.3 V and for many reasons (cost, space, voltage supply and others) we need to get as much power as possible from the output stage to avoid an extra amplification…

  • 请教AD9114的差分电流输出转换成差分电压输出电路


  • RE: Alternate part for AD9768

    As discussed offline, AD9114 is recommended

  • RE: Mode of operation of AD9768

    This has been closed out offline. Customer moving design to AD9114 since AD9768 is no longer recommended for new designs.

  • RE: AD9714 frequency response

    I believe the settling time  will be similar to the AD9114 which is specified to settle to 0.1% in 11.5ns, but I will need to confirm with out design engineers.

  • AD9914 Ref_clk input absolute maximum rating level?


    Does anyone know the answer for the above? I have been trying to obtain this information for sometime to write the specifcation for my AD9114 card design. Your help would be much appreciated.

    Best Regards


  • ADRF6720 EXT LO INPUT Impedance

    Hello all,

    LOIN– (pin 33) and LOIN+ (pin 34) are 50Ohm each or 50 Ohm differential (25Ohm each)? Checking your eval board (AD9114/ADRF6720), it seems that it is 100Ohm diff so I want to double check with you.
    Thanks for your help.



  • Output compliance for AD911x?

    Hi folks,

    What is the output voltage compliance range for the AD9114-7 DACs with AVDD = 3.3V?  I see where the common mode voltage is -0.5 to +1.2 and the max full scale output current is 20 mA, but I don't see the DAC output voltage range limits.…