• Great Difference Bias Current AD8629/AD8629S

    Hello there analog community,


    We are developing  payloads for space missions and we have some important doubts regarding part AD8629/AD8629S

    which we need to be resolved to ensure the functionality of our designs.


    The main doubt is related with…

  • AD8629S Rad-Hardness

    Good afternoon,

    I am considering the use of the AD8629S part for a future mission at Goddard, the flight datasheet lists the device tested to 10Krads.  Are there any plans to test this device further (say to 300k or so?)

    Dave Durachka

  • AD8629 slow response

    When using an AD8629 in a circuit (see attachment) for in loop capacitive load compensation, the devices shows a very slow response to get within a few uV of the final value.  On the order of seconds.

    The values for the circuit would be:

    CL = 0.4uF

  • AD8629 - Unwanted Oscillation

    Hi all,

    I am currently using an AD8629 amplifier for my analog input stages. Even if Spice simulations gave me nice results (AD8628 Spice Model), it appears that their applications went unexptectedly bad.

    Please refer to attached files for schematic…

  • AD8629. High capacitive load

    Are there any limitations for the AD8629 when driving capacitive load of 10 nF
    with 5V supply? If not, what are the limits?


    There is some information in the datasheet about the tolerance of load

    Figures 23-26 give…
  • AD8629 as a current sense


    i want to use AD8628 as a current source .

    in it's datasheet page 19 it said that : "As long as the rate of change of the current is not too fast, an auto-zero amplifier can be used with excellent results. "

    whats the problem with too…

  • offset problem of AD8629 OPAMP

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer have met one trouble as following.

    (This discuss came from another sled cause my miss understood)

    On my enclosed schematic Fig-1.pdf,

    step-1 power off and keep waiting around 30 sec

    step-2 power on

    step-3 around 90msec…

  • Input offset voltage level of AD8629

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer found the following matter with your AD8629 OPAMP.

    Application is temperature sensor by Thermopile(TP).

    Please refer to my enclosed Fig-1 schematic.

    In the enclosed schematic, customer replaced TP to fixed resister.17…

  • Maximum Voltage Noise Density of AD8629


    My customer needs the Maximum Voltage Noise Density of AD8629 because they examine the noise variations.

    Do you have the maximum value or the distribution?



  • Problem using AD8629 as an ADC driver

    I wanted a low drift ADC driver in a precision thermometer circuit so I used an AD8629 (please refer to attached pdf). The op-amp +ve input was fine (i.e. a dc level proportional to the thermistor resistance) but the output was oscillating at several…