• I need adv7511 transmitter API source codes

    Hi all,

    I am trying to use AD7511 on the AC701 xilinx development kit. There are some example projects in http://wiki.analog.com/resources/fpga/xilinx/kc705/adv7511. But all of them are microblaze based. Because of the licencing and some other problems…

  • AD7511 display

    Input mode : bt1120

    why is that some monitors can recognize the hdmi signal from the 7511, but others can not ? 

  • RE: adv7842 input have signal adv7511 output is invalid


    thanks for your reply,

    our i2c bus is ok,and adv7842 is working normally,now my conifgure for ad7511 is ok,but 7511 output have not signal,i think is my configure error,can you tell what is the ture register configure for adv7511.

    this is our schematic…

  • DVI Splitter


    i want to send one Video Signal to 2 Monitors via DVI Transmitter AD7511. Can the DVI signals simply be splitted or

    are 2 DVI Transmitters neccessary?

    Thank you


  • ADV7511 and spread spectrum clocking


    We use an AD7511 to convert a RBG Signal to HDMI Signal. The HDMI Sink we use detects a HDMI Signal with spread spectrum clock.

    Is it possible that the ADV7511 generates this spread spectrum or is it already on the input video signal available…

  • RE: Questions for AD9889B

    Hi GuenterL,

    I need your comment.

    Our colleague found your AD7513 for replacement AD9889B.


    Which do you think better AD7511 or AD7513?


    Need the change some registers, correct?

    Please give me your comment.

    Thanks Kaos

  • RE: How to connect and configure ADV7511 to AD9880

    I have seen article, which author was Witold Kaczurba (from February) and in this article he used similar module at the input (also with status "obsolete" on your web page) . As I wrote, I have signals at the output of AD9880 and this signals are sending…

  • RE: Output boards deciphered?


    Odd numbers = No HDCP keys for the HDMI transmitter on that board

    Even numbers = HDCP keys in the HDMI transmitter on that board

    All boards include ADV7341 DAC in addition to the HDMI part

    1Z,2Z are AD9389B

    3Z,4Z are AD7510

    5Z,6Z are AD751…

  • RE: Application code development tutorials


    Thanks for point out the AD7511 HDMI transmitter Linux


    Please let me know where I can find the C file for the Zedboard reference

    design that uses the…

  • RE: Unusual HDMI resolution (864*480/854*480) possible with ADV7513?

    Hello Jeyasudha,

    thank you for the links. I already knew 2 of them. Basically according to those links ADV7513 will simply adopt the input resolution (so if input is digital RGB with 864*480 output will be same).

    I checked the evaluation board for AD7511…