• RE: AD5504 works, unless I have more than 1

    Hello Ken,

    I am writing to the AD5504s individually, but I have tried using the same sync line for multiple AD5504s.  Unfortunately, my oscilloscope is not functioning properly, but if I can I can find a good one that is not being used then I will see…

  • Trouble writing to AD5504 DAC over SPI

    I'm having trouble writing and reading to the AD5504 over SPI. After a week tinkering with various SPI clock polarities, speeds, and phases without success, I'm trying out the EngineerZone.

    My attempts to write to the AD5504 do not result in…

  • RE: How to compile driver for AD5504 for raspberry pi3


    You are looking at the ADC driver menu. The AD5504 is in the DAC menu.

    - Lars

  • AD5504 SPI

    AD5504 datasheet (rev. B) says about SPI write mode :

    Data on the SDI line is clocked into the 16-bit shift register on the rising edge of SCLK.

    Figures 3 and 4 of the datasheet say the same.

    But I can't write nothing using rising edge of ACLK. I…

  • How to connect AD5504 with Raspberry Pi3

    I'm trying to figure out how to connect all required pins of AD5504 to the Raspberry Pi3 but I have no idea where some of them should be connected, for example: SYNC, CLR, LDAC. Could someone please provide wiring example how to connect AD5504 with Raspberry…

  • RE: AD5504 won't update

    The most common cause of this issue is that the AD5504 DACs are powerd down by default. Writing to the control register to set bits C5 to C2 will power up the DACs

  • RE: Arbitrary Waveform Generation

    Hi Siva,

    16V to 40V is considered to be high voltages for DACs. Please check the AD5501 and the AD5504 if they satisfy your requirements.



  • AD5504 device tree entry

    Hi all,

    I am using ZCU102 + AD9371 in OS mode. I would also like to control AD5504 using the same board. 

    Could someone please help me with the appropriate device tree entry for the child node under spi device.


    Arjun Nadh