• AD2S80: Accuracy vs. temperature

    What is the difference between the AD2S80ABD and the AD2S80ASD ?

    Is the ASD just more classified than the ABD according to accuracy/temperature?
    I mean, has the ASD and the ABD the same accuracy of 4 arcmin between -40?C
    and  85?C ? Or does the…

  • RE: Understanding relation between tracking rate and bandwidth of AD2s80


    It just happened that I have to view this thread. Is this somehow related to this post? 

    (+) Tracking rate of Synchro/Resolver Converters - Q&A - Precision ADCs - EngineerZone (analog.com)

    Apologies for missing this item, but we'll follow up the…

  • 关于AD2S80输出跳变问题


  • AD2S80S

    AD2S80S 的完整型号就是AD2S800703D吗?  AD2S800703D的抗辐照指标是多少?

  • 请问大家是否遇到过AD2S80的5脚金丝熔断失效案例,出现这种案例的可能原因有哪些?另外AD2S80的+5V,+12V,-12V有没有上电时序的要求,哪种上电时序最好?谢谢大家


  • AD2S80芯片使用问题


  • AD2S80_RESET signal and sample rate

    Two questions need your help.
    1. In the 11th page of the datasheet, it says:"During the reset period the
    input continues to be integrated, the reset period is constant at 400 ns." I am
    not sure what the meaning is, because AD2S80 does…

  • RE: SiGe "BiCMOS" process devices

    Sure, I would like to know which of the following devices are SiGe based:

    • AD1674
    • AD2S80
    • AD676
    • AD7245
    • AD7712
    • AD7821
    • AD7847
    • AD7884
    • AD7893
    • AD7896
    • AD976
    • ADG526A
  • RE: AD2S1210 input signal conditioning for 5 wire resolver


    There is an application note for the AD2S80 (AN-252) published some time ago that shows how to convert the stator signals using op-amps to create single-ended inputs needed for that product family.  I would argue you could use the same principles…