• tmp36 adhesion


    I am trying to decide whether to use glue or tape to stick the tmp36 temp sensor to metal and plexi glass for a research project.  The glue or tape must be thermally conductive, but electrically non conductive.  Cost and functionality are my two main…

  • RE: What does the Offset Voltage refer to with TMP36

    For TMP36 it just means that in order to convert voltage into temperature, simply use the basic formula:

    Temp in °C = [(Vout in mV) - 500] / 10


    So for example, if Vout is 1V that means that the temperature is ((1000 mV - 500) / 10) = 50 °C


  • RE: TMP37 FIT Rate

    Hi, Kazu.

    Yes, you are correct, its the same as the data for both TMP35 and TMP36 found here



  • tmp36 conversion formula or accuracy?

    Hi ( warning newbie! )

    Im running thru the Arduino starter kit stuff and they include a TMP36 to do some temperature sensing on their starter projects...

    I was able to get very accurate middle wire voltage readings from the Arduino ADC - that match…

  • TMP36 easily be impacted by RFI?


    I used a TMP36 as temperature sensor. The chip was mounted on an aluminium block using glue.  However I found it is very easily to be drifted by something, such as when I put my fingers closed to the wires (about 2 inches), and the value is different…

  • Can TMP36 drive 0.1uF capacitive load?

    I am connecting TMP36 output to a simple, RC low pass filter (R = 316ohms & C  = 0.1uF) to cutoff beyond ~5kHz.

    Is there a possibility of oscillations in this configuration?

  • Using TMP36 with AD8362 at 1 MHz

    I have a design that is using the TMP36 to compensate for temperature changes of the AD8362 Log Amp. The input to the AD8362 is 1 MHz. The chart in the application note only goes down to 900 MHz when selecting the resisters shown in the application. How…

  • RE: Device Recommendation

    HI DerekGW,

        Apologies. I am attaching the list of ADI temp sensor that are available. You can shortlist the list from your preferred specification like the Supply voltage or maybe package or current consumption.

    Selection Table for Analog Temperature…

  • RE: ADL5375的一些问题


    正交调制器的本振泄露通常来自IQ通道DC偏置不平衡,I/Q差分信号DC不平衡以及本振-射频端口隔离度。附件内为相关应用笔记,请参考其中LO Feedthrough and Sideband Nulling章节。


  • Balun


    I have a doubt about how to use the baluns. I have seen in aplication notes that, in the evaluation boards, if you have a SMA conector (like an input or output to the PCB) it's used the balun to convert the unbalanced input (ANNTENA) to a balanced…