• Wrong output from TMP05


    I have a TMP05 on my board configured in floating state (both CONV/IN and FUNC pins are not connected).

    The TMP065 outputs a continous PWM signal as expected. The problem is that the high part of signal is 33ms on one board and 35ms on another and…

  • RE: doubt Tmp05?

    Hi, the only coding examples available are those listed in the back of the TMP05 datasheet.

  • RE: Error in readings of TMP05

    Hi, Rasif.

    May I know at what environment you are testing - do you have a reference temperature? You mention have erroneous data, how often do they appear?

    The IC with negative readings screenshot, which TMP05 in the chain is it? If you have 4 TMP05s…

  • Using ADT7470 Fan Controller without a temperature sensor

    Is it possible to use ADT7470 without the TMP05/06 temperature sensor? If so, how is this implemented?

  • RE: TMP05 Temperature Readings Having Large Offsets.

    Hi Karen

    Most of the circuit is exactly the same except for the latest version where there is buffer/driver, NC7SZ125P5X. This buffer is used to drive the TMP05 output of the digital baseband board to the to the next TMP05 on the RF power amplifier board…

  • Maximum number of TMP05 sensors that can be daisy-chained together?

    Is there a practical limit to the number of TMP05 sensors that can be daisy chained together?

    As I understand the data sheet, the "next" TMP05 in a daisy-chain simply passes along the PWM signal coming into Pin 2 (CONV/IN) through Pin 1 (OUT) and then…

  • ADT7470 and TMP05 daisy chain temeparure sensing.

    I am using the ADT7470 and the TMP05 in a daisy chain configuration and there are five sensors. I get temperature readings that intermittently vary by huge amounts and then return back to the expected temperature.

    Please refer the attached documents…

  • RE: SMBALERT interrupt pin is low continuously on ADT7470

    Hi Karen,

    Could you find the issue? I am attaching the schematics for reference. 

    This device is connected to 4 fans and 4 TMP05 sensors.

  • RE: Using ADT7470 as Tacho Only

    Hi Amir,

    Once the pin 12 and pin 13 are disconnected to the TMP05 daisy chain, they should be connected through a 10k pull-up resistor to Vdd.

    Sorry, it was confusing.



  • ADT7470 Interrupt

    How do I trigger the SMBALERT on the ADT7470.

    I want to simulate an over temp scenario.

    Can I trigger the SMBALERT by writing to any of the registers?

    How do I check if SMBALERT is enabled?

    On the board, the ADT is hooked up to 1 temp sensor TMP05…