• TMP01 tolerance calculation

    Should the VPTAT temperature accuracy of the TMP01 be included to determine the temperature tolerance at which over and under outputs switch. Is this accuracy specification included as part of the output Vref specification?

  • TMP01 Evaluation Board


    I am DFAE at Phoenix technologies.

    Conrop, one of my customers, is interested in TMP01 for a new project on military applications

    They would like to evaluate thia component by evaluation board.

    Please advise what is a Part number of eval board…

  • TMP01 battery operation


    I'm working with the TMP01 chip to regulate temperature using batteries as the power supply.  I have setup the chip to operate as in Figure 15b on the datasheet where it will turn on a heating element when the low temperature setpoint is reached…

  • TMP01 UNDERb and OVERb Outputs

    When the TMP01 is powered up, what is the timing of the UNDERb and OVERb pins? Before they settle, are they random or are they pulled high/low?

  • how to test temperature sensor(tmp01) using arduino?

    i cant understand datasheet

  • RE: AD 590

    Are you set on the AD590 in the system?  A TMP01 may be the right choice.



  • RE: TMP01ESZ - Evaluation board

    hi Meir,

    Apologies for slow response to your question.

    Unfortunately the EVAL-TMP01 is currently not available. Would you be interested in receiving samples of the TMP01ESZ instead?

    Best Regards,

  • LM26 alternative


    Our customer uses this part from TI  : LM26CIM5-HHD .  This has a trip point of
    0 degrees. However , our customer wants a part with a fixed trip point at 7
    degC switch-on? I think that should be p/n LM26CIM5-HSD – but TI do not produce
    such a device…

  • ADRF6720 VPTAT output characteristics ?


    What's the characteristics (coefficients, precision) of the VPTAT output of the ADRF6720 ?

    I find some information about VPTAT but nothing really coherent :

    ADRF6720 temperature breakdown

    TMP01 tolerance calculation 

    HMC602 & HMC611 Temp…