• ADAU1772 integration with SSM4567

    I have both dev boards for the ADAU1772 and SSM4567. My intent is to have a mono instrument signal input to the 1772, process it, and feed the 4567. The 4567 will then drive a single speaker. I have both boards physically connected via a 10-pin cable…

  • SSM4567 for output 2*1W Speak application

    Dear Sir,

    Customer wans to use SSM4567 for 2*1W speak output. Since the SSM4567 have I/V sensing, Is there anything else that we should pay special attention for this application?

    Thank you.

    Yen Chen

  • SSM4567 speaker output cracks when we increase volume. vocals are especially bad


    We are using SSM4567 in TDM mode with 2 speakers acting as left and right speaker.

    When we are increasing volume to below configuration with boost mixer ON for both left and Right amplifier, we hear lot of crack noise.

    The vocals are almost dead…

  • ssm4567 驱动初始化时soft_reset写入0,出错,返回-5,其它寄存器写入默认值正常,可以正常读出

    Hi ADI,

       we using ssm4567 on linux 3.10, while driver init, write soft_reset(0xff) to 0, return error code -5. other register can read write ok. what's the problem?

  • About the power current rating for SSM4567 under VBAT=5V, speaker= 2w *2channel condition

    Dear Sir,

    Would you please help me to check the power current rating for SSM4567 in below condition: 

    VBAT=5V, speaker= 2W * 2channel

    In SSM4567 datasheet Table 1, just have mentioned about VBAT=3.6V; and our customer want to know the power current…

  • I'm trying to implement machine driver for SSM4567. If anyone has implemented a working machine driver, i have few questions to the author.

    I'm trying to implement machine driver for SSM4567 codec.

    I've few questions. Hence wanted to know any author of existing machine driver.

    I would like to post specific queries on the machine driver implementation

  • there is no sound(speaker is silent) from speaker when aplay it, but play the same fie with other codec chip & play it on PC is ok. some *.wav file the volume is very low. the other *.wav file is OK.

    Hi ADI:

    mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug/
    echo -n "file soc-core.c +p" >/sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control

    insmod /lib/modules/3.10.65/snd-soc-ssm4567.ko
    insmod /lib/modules/3.10.65/snd-soc-ssm4567-i2c.ko

    tinymix  -D 1 3 1

  • RE: Audio processor recommendation for megaphone project


    You may want to look at the SSM4567, SSM2529 or SSM2537.  Note the ADAU1787 can provide I2S output or PDM output to the amplifiers.  The SSM4567 and SSM2529 can accommodate I2S or PDM.  The SSM2537 can only accommodate PDM. 

    In PDM Mode, the SSM4567…

  • RE: Linux Driver for ssm3582


    We currently do not have a Linux driver for the SSM3582. Conceptually the closest might be SSM4567, but this is a single channel device opposed to the dual channel of the SSM3582 and the register map is slightly different and would require a different…

  • AD Class-D amplifiers with output sensing

    Hello AD audio team,

    There are already a couple of class-d amplifiers with o/p sense like the SSM4321 and the SSM4567.

    As per the datasheet, the sensed parameters go to a 16-bit ADC. That is quite high resolution for just supervisory or house keeping…