• RE: SSM3582 Power Supply

    Hi Marc!

    Did you manage the communication with SSM3582 with level shifters for I2C and for the audio signals? Or it works with 3.3V? I have the same question now! Slight smile Also what about the limits of the PVDD=16.8V? (absolute limit is 17V) Slight smile Thanks in advance!…

  • SSM3582A vs SSM3582


    what are the changes/differences in new SSM3582A versus the SSM3582?

    Thank you,


  • SSM3582 volume control


    i have some qw's:

    1) Is it better for sound quality(SQ) to regulate volume by Analog Gain vs Digital?

    2) what will have more SQ - using "16V PVDD + digital VOlume -3dB + ANAgain +21dB"  or "12V PVDD + digital Volume 0 dB + ANA gain19dB…

  • ssm3582 volume control

    Application is a Bluetooth speaker. 

    Microchip BM64 will be wired to a SSM3582. 

    Issue – volume control.  What protocol is used on the I2C line for controlling the volume on SSM3582 amplifier?  The BM64 supports HFP 1.6, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, SPP 1.2, AVRCP…

  • SSM3582 filter bead

    For the SSM3582 digital amp the NFZ2MSM181SN10L seems difficult to get. Could the NFZ2MSM101SN10L be used instead ?
    Impedance:  100 Ohms   
    Maximum DC Current:  4 A

    Many thanks in advance.

  • SSM3582 EMI output filtering

    Dear sir or madam,

    we tested our design with the the SSM3582 regarding it's EMC characteristics and we badly need to improve the output filtering option to pass requirements as given in ISO 13766-1:2018. We are already using the low EMI mode filtering…

  • SSM3582 TDM signal conditioning

    Dear sir or madam,

    I have a question regarding the TDM signal conditioning for the SSM3582. I am running the amplifier with FSYNC = 8 kHz, so BCLK = 256 * FSYNC = 2,048 MHz. This means I have to transfer four TDM channels each with left / right data every…

  • Linux Driver for ssm3582


    we borrowed a EVAL-SSM3582Z eval board and we are now wondering if there is a Linux Driver available for that amplifier ? if not, do I need to create one or is there a compatible driver out there ?


  • SSM3515 , SSM3582 same digital function ?

    Hi all,

    Our customer are evaluating the both parts, SSM3515,SSM3582.
    Following, about "FSYNC_MODE" TDM mode description / function, we are confused.

    Part , Register , Register address , FSYNC_MODE
    SSM3582 , SAI_CTRL1 , 0x09 , bit 2
    SSM3515 ,  SAI_CTRL1…

  • SSM3582 Dual Mono Setting


    I would like to use this chip in dual mono configuration, one for each stereo channel. As datasheet describes, there is a bit for mono mode, but I didn't find a register setting for selecting which channel each chip will be in I2S input mode.…