• CES 2018 Demos: Speaker Linearization using Class D Amplifiers

    Can you share the presentation (slides or videos) of the demos for the CES 2018 shows?

    I am especially interested in the speaker linearization demo that uses SSM3525. What is the wattage of SSM3525?

    Thanks in advance!


  • RE: About the EVAL-SSM3525


    About the EVAL-SSM3525, Even though we input 12V, the "PVDD Undervoltage" error occurs.
    Could you give me the idea of the probable cause?

    Sorry, for my pushing.


  • Is there any application guide for SSM3525?


    I would like to use the SSM3525 to characterize a loudspeaker such that the power delivered into a varying load impedance is proportional  to input signal only.

    Ideally, I would like to be able to key in a nominal value of the loudspeaker and let…

  • What is vdata in SSM3525 datasheet

    Hello support,

    I already asked these questions by "Document Feedback" link in datasheet.

    But I would like to get your answer soon, because I have to finish the proofreading datasheet of Japanese version next week.

    The word is in "TDM operating…

  • RE: AD Class-D amplifiers with output sensing


    It is correct that the SSM3525 could be used in this type of application.  Samples should be available Dec 2017.

  • SSM3525 - thermal performance, ibis model, and few other questions

    Hello ADI,

    I'm working on a multichannel module with SSM3525, and I have a few question. What is the continuous output power that can implementation on evaluation board sustain (with 25C ambient)? Calculations with datasheet values of thermal resistance…

  • RE: Current Sensing circuit to detect Speaker failure

    I was talking about an amplifier not a DSP. This one may work for your application. It will have to be supplied by a minimum of 4.5V. It can feedback current and voltage data so you will know at all times how much power it is driving out. So have a look…

  • RE: SigmaStudio won't start on Windows 10

    No luck with v3.16.1. Same issue repeats. I can run v3.15 and v3.16.1 normally on Win 7 though.

    On the side note, I am excited about SSM3525 support in v3.16.1. Can't wait to get my hands on the datasheet.

  • Need assistance for development on SigmaDSP platform for a client


    A client of mine who is into mass manufacturing of loudspeaker enclosures and a regional distributor of a popular car audio company wants me to develop a few audio products for him.
    Based on his requirement, I have shortlisted the sigmaDSP platform…

  • RE: SSM3582 output stops when digital input value is too high


    OK, I saw the first post mentioned PVDD = 16V and wanted to match gain settings.  For 12V this is fine.  Using your project, I connect the Audio Precision I2S Transmitter to a EVAL-SSM3582Z board and can see valid output all the way up to 0dBFS with…