• SSM3515 settings

    Hi there,

    I am using the sigma studio to do some settings for the SSM3515 with a 4ohm SPK. I was able to get a 5W SPK output (~4.5Vrms) when driving the SSM3515 at 12V PVDD, analog gain = 12.6. The amplifier 12V is driven by a DCDC with input source from…

  • SSM3515 SDATA


    Two questions,

    1- In the datasheet SDATA is listed as DIO and not DIN. Does this mean that SDATA could be both input and output? In that case when/why could that be an output?

    2- Are all digital pins, beside SDATA & ADDR, 5V tolerant? even though…

  • SSM3515 , SSM3582 same digital function ?

    Hi all,

    Our customer are evaluating the both parts, SSM3515,SSM3582.
    Following, about "FSYNC_MODE" TDM mode description / function, we are confused.

    Part , Register , Register address , FSYNC_MODE
    SSM3582 , SAI_CTRL1 , 0x09 , bit 2
    SSM3515 ,  SAI_CTRL1…

  • SSM3515 θJC

    Hi all,

    The datasheet @ SSM3515 provides θJA only.


    θJA : 55.5 °C/W

    θJC is available ?

    Best regards,




  • SSM3515 PBTL and AVDD


    I have a few questions about the SSM3515.

    1). Could you use two SSM3515 in parallel BTL for greater power output?
    Ie 2 devices in parallel = 4ohm @ 16v = approx 50W @ 1% THD.

    If so, do you have a recommend schematic?

    2).  What effect does the 3.3 AVDD…

  • SSM351

    Hi there,

    I am currently designing a 4ohm speaker to drive 5W rated, 10-15W peak using the SSM3515 amplifier and have some questions below:

    a) What is the operating voltage range for the I2S and I2C lines? Can they operate on 3V3 level as my host processor…

  • RE: Audio Amplifier and ambient sound measurement.


    We have two amplifiers SSM3515 which is Mono and SSM3582 which is stereo version. The SSM3515 can output 30W in 4ohm @ 10% using 17V supply. This is WLCSP package. However if you prefer QFN package then we have SSM3582 which can offer similar…

  • RE: 10V Audio Output from SSM2604


    The ADV7611 can extract audio out into an I2S stream, which can be used by any of our class-D amplifiers with digital inputs. The SSM2604 is a low power codec intended for use in mobile devices, so it probably isn't quite what you're looking for…

  • RE: #Sigma 就诊#如何让音频功率降低功耗?

    是时候用ADI公司的CLASS-D功放了,模拟或数字I2S输入的都有,SSM3515,SSM3525, SSM3582,SSM3302,具体数据手册,你可以到我们官网搜索关键字即可找到。