• SSM3302

    I'd like to use SSM3302 audio amplifier at DC inputs connection, i.e. w/o input capacitors.

    But I can't find data about input and bias currents of its INR/INL pins (via resistors 40 kOhm). Please help.


  • SSM3302

    Can be guaranteed 20mA current from VREG output to external circuits?

    Does it depends on PVDD voltage and output currents of the load?

  • SSM3302

    1) All of the graphs listed in the Spec. Sheet were taken using an 8ohm resistor in series with an inductor as the load? Should I not be taking any measurements using only an 8ohm resistor as the load?

  • SSM3302

    I designed a PCB board with 4 layers with the chip SSM3302. It is mount on the top of the PCB with 9 vias (squared appearance) to all layers. This tiny unit (dimension of approx. 45x28mm) is soldered on a Euro mother board with massive GND plane.

  • SSM3302


    The datasheet stated that the minimum operating voltage is 7V but my requirement is 5V.

    Is there any chance that this IC can operate below 7V? What is the major blocking point that the IC can't operate below 7V?

    Please advise.


  • SSM3302

    I have the Eval Board for the SSM3302. I removed the filter capacitors and inductors as it states on page 3 to operate as a filterless amp. Both channels are enabled. Power is supplied from a +12V supply that I verified in advance  can supply a minimum…

  • RE: SSM3302 POP suppression muting device?

    Hello Tyler & readers,

    Changing the frequency of the un-windowed input's frequency did not fix the issue. We only tried a few of the 10k to 15k frequencies of interest to this project.

    Regarding the THERM see screen captures below.



  • RE: Is there an IBIS Model for the SSM3302 ?


    No we do not have IBIS model for SSM3302. The SSM3302 is analog input amplifier and does not have clock and data input/output pins for SI analysis.



  • SSM3302 - Susceptibility to Transient Events on Outputs

    I have a new application that will use the SSM3302 to drive a 20 KHz test signal out onto a long audio line. I'm using the device in mono mode in a BTL configuration. There are times when the audio line will have real audio on them that could be seen…

  • RE: Why does SSM3302 class-D power amp mute outputs?


    As a follow up for anyone else using SSM3302 driving a piezoelectric transducer.


    Rajeev’s answer is correct. Adding some inductance prior to the step-up transformer to get the peak current demand below the SSM3302’s 6A limit fixed my issue. We…