• SSM3302 input pin

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    Regarding SSM3302, I have the following questions, and could you give me some advice?

    When using in Mono mode, is there any recommended process for INR+/INR-, such as Open or GND connection?

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  • SSM3302


    I've got a question from customer who are trying to connect SE Audio out instead of BTL with SSM3302. 

    I couldn't  find any from Datasheet. Is it ok to use SE instead of BTL to Speaker?

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  • SSM3302 gain setting


    I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

    Our customer will use SSM3302.

    The page 18 of datasheet mentions "Gain can be further adjusted to a user-defined setting by inserting series external resistors at the inputs."

    I assume it should be like Figure…

  • About the output of SSM3302


    I have a question about SSM3302.

    The "INPUT CAPACITOR SELECTION" on page 17 of the data sheet states that an input capacitor is required for single-ended use, and it is recognized that single-ended input can also be used.

  • SSM3302 output

    Is it possible to wire the outputs of the SSM3302 for a common speaker return?

  • ESD Sensitivity of SSM3302


    Is the ESD Sensitivity of the datasheet defined by the HBM or CDM ?

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  • SSM3302

    Can be guaranteed 20mA current from VREG output to external circuits?

    Does it depends on PVDD voltage and output currents of the load?

  • SSM3302

    I'd like to use SSM3302 audio amplifier at DC inputs connection, i.e. w/o input capacitors.

    But I can't find data about input and bias currents of its INR/INL pins (via resistors 40 kOhm). Please help.


  • SSM3302 Thermal Exposed Pad connection

    I'd like to separate Power Stage Ground and Analog Ground at a PCB design, and finally both grounds will be connected together aside of the IC.

    To which of the grounds should be connected the Exposed Pad? 



  • RE: SSM3302

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