• SSM2529 reference source code (without OS)


    Need help with SSM2529 reference source code (without OS).

    Thank you

  • RE: EVAL-SSM2529Z

    I noticed these documents refer to the EVAL-SSM2529. Is there any difference between this documentation and the EVAL-SSM2529Z.

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  • SSM2529 Reflections


    I've trouble configuring the SSM2529. Fault description:

    Playing a sine sweep and hearing multiple reflections of the Signal (see picture, sine at 8KHz),

    also Signals cuts off at 15KHz.

    my configuration:

    I2S Signal 44,1 KHz, 32Bit


  • SSM2529 Standalone Mode volume control

    I'm planning the simple circuit whichconnects a MEMS microphone to a device directly in STAND-ALONE-MODE SSM2529.

    I checked SSM2529 datasheet figure43:Hardware Standalone Mode.

    How much resistance value should be connectedto SCL/SDA terminal?(and…

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  • SSM2529 Evaluation Board Documentation

    Hello I cannot find the documentation for the SSM2529 Evaluation Board at your
    Web site


    Please see attached
  • RE: 关于SSM2529配置问题


  • RE: 说出您心中的ADI年度“贺岁片”,发帖、跟帖送大奖!(公布获奖名单啦)

    我心中的ADI年度贺岁片—CASS D音频功率放大器SSM2529开发产品有点异常

  • RE: SSM2529 一些问题

    SSM2529默认模式是Software master power-down  您需要配置寄存器PWR_CTRL 到Normal operation 模式