• STM32 SSM2518 Control i2c

    I want to use stm32 to control i2c.
    Send data using stm32 i2c library HAL_I2C_Mem_Write(&hi2c2, 0X68, 0x00, 1, 0x22, 1,1000);
    If you send it like the above command,
    we ask you to confirm that it is not a problem.
    When the above command was issued…
  • Using SSM2518 to drive headphones

    Is it possible to drive headphones using a Class D amplifier.

    I have a client wanting to use the SSM2518 as a headphone amplifier. They are needing 1 - 3 Watts of power for the headphones.

    Searching for any information on this application brought up…

  • Need a bare metal driver for SSM2518

    I need a bare metal driver for SSM2518. There is only a Linux driver available. Does AD have any driver available, even unofficial? Without that I have either to write my own driver, or port the Linux driver to bare metal.

    The Linux driver is GPL-Licensed…

  • SSM2518 codec BCLK used as MCLK

    Dear experts

    I feel that I'm digging my self into a deep hole, and hope that someone have some experience with the SSM2518 codec (and I2S)...

    We drive the codec from a SSC port, and use the BCLK as MCLK, feeding it to the MCLK pin and connect BCLK…

  • Support on Audio Quality of SSM2518

    Hi Engineers,


    Urgently need your help to solve this issue that we are facing currently.

    Basically, there's distortion coming out from the SSM2518 on our board. The audible output is not clean. Please see our capture in the ppt file attached. We attach…

  • SSM2518 Sample C code(about I2C Communication)

    Hello. This is Jerry Kim from Korea.
    I am programming the SSM2518 Chip.
    If there is a Sample C Code (I2C Communication) for reference, can you send it to me?
    Any help in studying would be appreciated.
    thank you.


  • An example , using the ADAU1701 and the SSM2518...

    Good day, I am looking for an example ,can someone show an example using ADAU1701 and the SSM2518....... Thanks in advance ...

  • SSM2518 Noisy even when sending all zero signal through I2S



    I'm using SSM2518 hooked to a pair of 8ohm GO2014C4Y8GD-2 speakers. We have I attached to an I2S peripheral on an ST microcontroller. The audio output works fine but there is always a large amount of output noise coming through the speakers.…

  • Can't raise ssm2518 volume above 0dB without shutoff


    Playback is fine when volume is at the default level, but when I increase it to 0x30 I get distortion and if I go to 0x20 or lower I simply hear nothing but "pop".

    The supply for the ssm is a 4.2V super cap 1.5F. I also tried powering it…

  • Is available to use SSM2518 for the design of headphones?

    Dear Sir:

    Is available to use SSM2518 for the design of headphones?
    In addition, SSM2518 can drive 32ohm speakers?
    If possible, do you have a [THD + N vs. Output Power] chart?

    Thank you so much.