• SSM2518 eval board controlled via raspberry


    I'm trying to evaluate the SSM2518 chip with its evalboard by connecting it to a raspberry.

    So far, I'm not able to get any response from the chip to any I²C command. I suspect that my jumper configuration is not good but I can't figure out what…

  • ssm2518 When pa chip plays, the speaker is silent

    Question 1:

    We use the 3.072MHz BCLK that is 48KHz sampling rate\ ch 2 \ 32bit. When pa chip plays, the speaker is silent. 

    This is our register values when pa plays, please help us double check, thanks.

    # i2cdump -f -y 1 0x34
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c…

  • ssm2518


    We use 16 KHz sound with 16 bit s16le (from WAV file) to ssm2518. 

    Can you explain me how to use data from WAV to SSM2518 ?

    Do i need normalize or convert signed (-32768...0...32767) to unsigned (0...65535) ?

    now sounds with clips and no quality 

  • 【SSM2518】 Enter the Software master power-down

    When we provide the MCLK 12.288MHz, BCLK 3.072MHz and 2 channel at 48KHz with 32bit per channel to ssm2518, the register can read and write, but when we player, the register value is changed and can read only. The register  0x00 = 0x01, ssm2518 enter t…

  • ssm2518 overcurrent

    sm2518 overcurrent occurrence
    Currently under development as ssm2518. When the register value is currently read with i2c, the 0xcc value is read from the 0x08 register.

    Please let me know how to fix the overcurrent problem.

    Thank you. I would…
  • ssm2518 test

     please contact us to use the product. I am trying to control ssm2518 chip with stm32 mcu. Confirmed that i2s signal is output. I tried to change mclk by i2c communication, but it didn't change. I am curious about the reason i2c communication is not working…
  • SSM2518 custom sample rate

    Is it possible to configure SSM2518 to work with a signal sampled at 2.5 KHz / 8 bits?

    Is it possible to configure SSM2518 to work with a signal sampled at 10 KHz / 8 bits?

    There is any audio DAC (or codec) with TDM interface which usually works down to…

  • EVAL-SSM2518 Board pattern drawing

    Hi,Support team

    I need EVAL-SSM2518 Board pattern drawing.

    I confirmed following , but no pattern data found.


    Best regards,

  • RE: SSM2518 EVB Issue

    Hello. This is Jidoja(=Jerry Kim) from Korea.
    I am programming the SSM2518 Chip.
    If there is a Sample C Code (I2C Communication) for reference, can you send it to me?
    Any help in studying would be appreciated.
    thank you.