• RE: SSM2518 driver


    There is no existing code that connects the SSM2518 to the BBB, but you should be able to adjust the existing davinci-evm ASoC board driver to change the DAI link configuration for the SSM2518. Have a look at the SSM2518 driver documentation for…

  • RE: SSM2518 EVB Issue

    Hello Paul,

    Attached, please find the SSM2518 evaluation board schematic, quick start guide, and a Sigma Studio project file that is configured for SSM2518 in a 5V power supply configuration. 

    Please note, to use the GUI, you must use a USBi and interface…

  • RE: SSM2529 reference source code (without OS)

    Hi Dave,

    Is it possible to generate a c code that can be used across platform?

    I refer to analog wiki, source code for SSM2518 is provided there. Do you have this for SSM2529?

    Thank you


  • SSM2518 Test

    Hi All,

    somehow I have no luck with testing of a SSM2518 Class-D amplifier. I connected it to a BF527 via SPORT0 according to the attached schematic. The I2C communication works fine but eliciting a sound out of the device fails completely. A 3000 Hz…

  • RE: Support on Audio Quality of SSM2518

    Hi Trez,

    Thanks for more details. I will try to understand the issue first. As I understand you are connecting 8ohm speaker to the SSM2518 outputs using the filter in between and you see not clean sine wave on the scope. Correct me if wrong.

    First the…

  • Query regarding working of SSM2518 in I2C programmable mode with speaker

    SSM2518 audio ampifier is configured in I2C programmable mode with SAMOD and ADDR pin driven low.I2C is working fine but unable to get sound at the speaker side only noise is coming at the output. Data from microcontroller send to SSM2518 through I2S…

  • An example , using the ADAU1701 and the SSM2518...

    Good day, I am looking for an example ,can someone show an example using ADAU1701 and the SSM2518....... Thanks in advance ...

  • EVAL-SSM2518Z package contents and documents


    I would like to use the SSM2518 evaluation baord.
    I have found thread about the SSM2518, but I still have several questions.


    1. Is there a reference manual or an application note ?
       In the above thread, I can find…

  • EVAL-SSM2518Z evaluation board documentation and DLL for I2C control

    Where can I find information such as a user guide, schematic, connections
    diagram etc for EVAL-SSM2518Z. No documentation is posted on ADI website or
    delivered with the evaluation board. It is not going to be easy to interface
    our protoype…
  • Using SSM2518 to drive headphones

    Is it possible to drive headphones using a Class D amplifier.

    I have a client wanting to use the SSM2518 as a headphone amplifier. They are needing 1 - 3 Watts of power for the headphones.

    Searching for any information on this application brought up…