• ssm2518


    We use 16 KHz sound with 16 bit s16le (from WAV file) to ssm2518. 

    Can you explain me how to use data from WAV to SSM2518 ?

    Do i need normalize or convert signed (-32768...0...32767) to unsigned (0...65535) ?

    now sounds with clips and no quality 

  • SSM2518 driver

      Hi Engineers,

    We are using SSM2518 in our project. We already ported SSM2518 open source driver from kernel 3.10.x downgrade to kernel v3.8.13 version. The driver can work properly by read/write I2C commands with SSM2518 IC. This is just SSM2518 configuration…

  • ssm2518 test

     please contact us to use the product. I am trying to control ssm2518 chip with stm32 mcu. Confirmed that i2s signal is output. I tried to change mclk by i2c communication, but it didn't change. I am curious about the reason i2c communication is not working…
  • ssm2518 overcurrent

    sm2518 overcurrent occurrence
    Currently under development as ssm2518. When the register value is currently read with i2c, the 0xcc value is read from the 0x08 register.

    Please let me know how to fix the overcurrent problem.

    Thank you. I would…
  • SSM2518 Test

    Hi All,

    somehow I have no luck with testing of a SSM2518 Class-D amplifier. I connected it to a BF527 via SPORT0 according to the attached schematic. The I2C communication works fine but eliciting a sound out of the device fails completely. A 3000 Hz…

  • SSM2518 codec


    I want to ask what is the data bit count of one sample data in I2S stereo mode. ( I think that means also resolution of audio samples).

    In the datasheet there is no direct information. In the figure it is shown that 8 to 32 BCLK cycles. Does that mean…

  • SSM2518 EVB Issue


           I want to use SSM2518 to design Bluetooth speaker. I have SSM2518 EVB , but I can not download EVB info at ADI websit. I want to know jumper pin info of EVB. Could you let me know this info ? Thank you.

  • SSM2518 device tree BCLK source


    I want to use the SSM2518 I2S amplifier with our Linux system.


    • TI am335x processor
    • BCLK signal of the processor connected to MLCK pin
    • MCLK pin connected to GND


    • Linux 4.19.x
    • ssm2518 Linux driver, configured by device tree…
  • SSM2518 custom sample rate

    Is it possible to configure SSM2518 to work with a signal sampled at 2.5 KHz / 8 bits?

    Is it possible to configure SSM2518 to work with a signal sampled at 10 KHz / 8 bits?

    There is any audio DAC (or codec) with TDM interface which usually works down to…

  • EVAL-SSM2518 Board pattern drawing

    Hi,Support team

    I need EVAL-SSM2518 Board pattern drawing.

    I confirmed following , but no pattern data found.


    Best regards,