• RE: Two AD5116 + One SSM2306

    Hi Musach,

    So do you mean to replace the SSM2306 with other op-amp?

    I still prefer to use SSM2306 as it proves to be a good class-D audio amp for me. Any other way to use the AD5116 with SSM2306?

    By the way, to use one set of buttons to control two…

  • SSM2306 gain selection

    Hi all,


    I am using ADAU 1961 audio codec's LOUTP, LOUTN, ROUTP, ROUTN pins to interface with SSM2306. I have to drive 600 ohm load at the output of SSM2306 . I have some doubts:


    Firstly, is it necessary to use ferrite bead, LC filter at the…

  • RE: What is the best evaluation board for a SigmaDSP novice?

    The Class-D amplifier on this board is an SSM2306, which is a stereo 2W amplifier. The SSM2306 is conected to the ADAU1701's DACs 0/1 and the line output on the EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ is connected to DACs 2/3. So, four channels - two amplified, two line-level…

  • Maximum Speaker Impedance for SSM2306?

    I am working with a prototype board (not the AD Dev board) of the SSM2306. The part seems to work fine driving an 8 Ohm speaker, but when I connect to our 40 Ohm (16 mH) headset driver I get only a repeated clicking sound. 

    My speculation is that the…

  • SSM2306: Exposed pad connection

    I would like to know the exposed pad connection of the SSM2306. There is no
    description in the datasheet.


    Please connect center thermal pad to GND plane with multiple vias.
  • SSM2306 pin 10: datasheet says DNC, but EVAL schematic says connect to 0V?

    Hi there,

    I'm using a SSM2306 amplifier for my design and am basing the design off the schematic from the evaluation board. According to the SSM2306 datasheet, pin 10 is labelled as Do Not Connect, but on the evaluation board schematic this pin is connected…

  • problem with eval board SSM2167 and SSM2306


    I was connecting Wolfson MEMS microphone to the EZ-Kit 561 via  an elval board SSM2167 and output the data to small speaker via SSM2303 eval board.

    all of them stopped to work. I've use all electrostatic precautions (glove and wrist to the ground…

  • 裸露焊盘连接


  • RE: How to use I2S as input/output  in Sigma Studio 3.13

    Hello Charles,

    I have attached the user guide that details how to use the serial ports for an I2S signal. You can find it on page 5 under the heading "External Digital Input". This shows you how to set the registers up and also where the signal show…

  • EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ Crystal Load Capacitance Spec


    In the BOM for EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ, (see atatched PDF, page 11 of 12) according to the description of crystal Y1 in this page, load capacitance is 18pF. However, the provided part number Abracon ABM3B-12.288MHZ-10-1-U-T has a load capacitance spec…