• Gain setting with SSM2304


    I have a question about gain set of SSM2304

    There are two equations in the datasheet.

    What is a correct equation? And When I calculated 376/47=8dB.

    But, the default valueis 18dB. Is there any problem on that?

    The first one is shown as below…

  • RE: About ADAV4601


    Thank you.

    I will go with your suggestion but start with the popular basic ADAU1701.

    To begin with, how much current can I draw from the ADUSB1?

    I intend to have a PIC microcontroller, 4 potentiometers, 4 LEDs, ADAU1701 and SSM2304 amplifier…

  • RE: SSM3302

    Hello Chai,

    The problem is that the part is not tested below 7V and it has not been characterized below 7V so there is no guarantee that it will work properly at 5V. There is an internal 5V regulator that will not be regulating but just passing through…

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