• RE: Antilog Amplifier with SSM2212

    You want to build a power detector?

  • SSM2212 gain

    The data sheet for the SSM2212 in the 8 pin package says the typical gain is 605 but the 16 pin package says the typical gain is 1800. Is this true? This seems like a huge difference in gain just due to a package difference.

    John S.

  • Current noise of SSM2212 (or MAT12)

    I'm looking for the input current noise spectral density in pA/sqrt(Hz) for the SSM2212 (or same die MAT12) BJT? I can only find input voltage noise spectral density. I can see that input bias current is 50 nA, so I dont think input current noise can…

  • RE: Log Converter



      The SSM2212 and MAT12 are the same die in different packages and different test tapes.

    You can use the SSM2212 spice model which is on the product page.


  • If MAT02EH is still active

    Analog Device part MAT02EH is still active with same manufacturer part number
    MAT02EH? If the part is not available, Kindly provide us the replacement part


    MAT12 or SSM2212.
  • RE: Network Analyzer in Scopy is inaccurate

    Hello Arthur:

    First off just, so you are aware, I'm not one of the Scopy programmers, I wrote the software for the ADALM1000 (ALICE). But I have used / tested M2K / Scopy since development started.

    You make a number of valid points. Here are a few…