• Evaluation board Datasheet

    The SSM2166 datasheets refers to a Evaluation Circuit.
    Is the Evaluation board available for purchase?
    What is its part number?


    Sorry, we do not have eval board for SSM2166 anymore. We will revise the
    datasheet. Additionally, for…
  • RE: how to impliment 4*1 multiplex in ADAU1701?

    Hello vishnu_riosh,

    I do not think you can directly connect a microphone to the ADC of ADAU1701, reading the datasheet, these are line inputs.

    I think first you have to preamp the microphone signal for example with an SSM2167.
    Then maybe Dave has a better…

  • RE: Recommend me low-voltage dynamic microphone preamp circuit?

    Hello Schertler,

    In case you have a My analog account you can check this link, the document discusses an application that uses OP484 as an integrated mic preamp and amplifier driver.


  • RE: 5+ Audio In ADC (mic)

    Hi Dan,

    I have some information for you finally!

    There are a few choices here:

    SSM2167 is a standalone mic preamp, you would need 5 of them and then drive the AC1835 directly.  The other option would be to use the

    ADAU1361 which has a build in mic…

  • RE: microphone choice for EVAL AD1940-MINIBZ ADC input

    A stand-alone plug-in PC microphone needs a bias voltage to be provided from the preamp circuit; this bias is not available on the AD1940 mini board. In order to use a mic like this, a bias voltage should be provided through a 2k resistor on the microphone…

  • RE: Conditioning ADMP404 output for ADC

    Hi Jerad,

    Thanks for the quick response.  You understand what I am trying to do and your comments on the gain are helpful.  I was expecting to learn all that while playing with (i mean testing) the prototype !!  I had thought I might need up to 72 db of…

  • Mic Input: Component Selection


    I was hoping for some suggestions / help with a new design for microphone inputs into a Blackfin dsp (BF527 custom board).

    I have, at this stage, selected to use the AD1974 adc as I do not require any audio output, and I am looking to have 8-16…

  • RE: 5532 1st order bandpass for electret mic preamp

    If you are interested in using our MEMS microphones for your design, I would recommend either the ADMP404, which has a flat frequency response from 100 Hz to 15 kHz, or the ADMP504, which has a very high SNR of 65 dB. It looks like you're using a large…

  • RE: Questions about EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ


    We have some basic microphone pre-amp evaluation boards available that might be applicable here. One example is the SSM2167 evaluation board. You can find more details about it here: http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/application_notes/AN…

  • RE: ADMP401 connection


    I have moved this discussion from the Intertial MEMS community to the Audio community. We will answer questions about MEMS microphones in this forum, while the internal MEMS forum is focused on devices like accelerometers and gyroscopes.