• Query regarding SSM2167

    Hi Team,

    I am planning to use SSM2167 in one of our audio application project. I have some query regarding the part. Our input voltage at pin no 5 from mic is of 1mV rms. Is the mentioned part capable to identify this low voltage?

     If not can you please…

  • SSM2167 Gate question

    I'm designing a product using a couple of these preamps. I have them in a custom dev board now and for the most part things are fine. However, I've discovered that need all of the features of this device EXCEPT the noise gate. I understand the concept…

  • Control noise from SSM2167

    Dear Respected,


    We are planning to use SSM2167 in one of our project.

    Where output of MIC is connected to input of SSM2167 and output of SSM2167 is connected to Audio codec, we have tested with external setup by soldering this IC in general purpose…

  • Pulsing generated by the SSM2167

    We seem to be having issues with the SSM2167 pulses can be heard on the output.

    I believe the end of the question SSM2167 Gate question, seems to hint at the same issue regarding "pumping noise".

    The problem seems to occur on the triggers…

  • ADA4075-2 and SSM2167 Q's


    We are looking at using the ADA4075-2 instead of the OP275, as recommended by ADI, as a balanced line driver to the AD1974. However, the reference design uses trimpots whereas these are not shown for the OP275 reference design. As we are looking…

  • SSM2167: Chinese module AGC problem

    I cannot make PCBs for MSOP devices so I bought some modules through Ali Baba. Several suppliers offer the same module. It works correctly with 1:1 compression but not with any other resistor value from Pin 8 to Vcc+ (3 V). It stays in 1:1 mode. For 10…

  • problem with eval board SSM2167 and SSM2306


    I was connecting Wolfson MEMS microphone to the EZ-Kit 561 via  an elval board SSM2167 and output the data to small speaker via SSM2303 eval board.

    all of them stopped to work. I've use all electrostatic precautions (glove and wrist to the ground…

  • SSM2167-POWERDOWN# Pin(#3) pull up resistor value?

    When I referred the datasheet & evaluation board schematic, I saw a 500K pull-up resistor connected to the SHUTDOWN# pin(#3) of SSM2167.
    Why such a large value resistor used?
    Is there any special requirement?
    Can we use a 10K or similar resistor?

  • SSM2167 outputs a sawtooth for short time after input voltage exceeds VRP. Anyone know why?

    Greetings.  I have an audio chain that uses a SSM2167 to provide compression and limiting.  My circuit works well until the input voltage exceeds the Rotation Point voltage (limit threshold).  After the input exceeds VRP and drops back to 0 V, the output…

  • Mic preamplifier output giving noise

    We are using ssm2167 Pre amplifier IC we are able get good amplification but receiving huge noise.


    Please revert ASAP how can we reduce this noise