• ssm2166

    Hi all

    I am using SSM2166 in my audio circuit.

    The datasheet has graphs of

      Figure 5. Noise Gate vs. RGATE (Pin 9 to V+)         NOISE GATE in y axis and RGATE in x axis.

      Figure 9. Rotation Point vs. RROT PT (Pin 11 to V+)   ROTATION POINT in y axis and RROT…

  • hissing noise by SSM2166


    I have interfaced SSM2166 circuit with my audio circuit to limit the audio level. When I feed audio input ,output from ssm2166 gives some hiss sound. But without SSM2166 my old circuit has clean audio output and there is no hiss sound. There is no…

  • SSM2166 Mute Response Time

    Has anyone looked into how fast the mute function is on the SSM2166 for the implementation shown at Figure 23 of the datasheet (page 11).  My application requires dropping the gain to 0db within 1ms, or better.  Thxs

  • SSM2166 maximum input voltage


    Datasheet of SSM2166 says maximum input voltage is supply voltage. I'm using 5V supply to the IC. What maximum negative voltage can be applied to AUDIO-IN pin of IC?

    It is mentioned in datasheet that there is 1.5V DC shift at AUDIO-IN pin. Do…

  • SSM2166 Compression ratio Selection

    We wish to use the compression ratio of 2:1 in our design. In the SSM2166 Datasheet the figure:19 tells to use 8.7KOhms for this. But in the paragraph just above tell that the values proximately 17K Ohms or less will result in 1:1 compression ratio.It…

  • Noise gate setting in SSM2166


    Regarding to noise gate set resistor (pin9) in SSM2166, our customer is asking a question.

    If this resistor will be set 0 ohm, is there any problem in SSM2166?

    They want to connect to GND at noise gate set (pin9) for reducing external parts…

  • Max input level for SSM2166

    Hi, I’m building a bass guitar amplifier and I would like to use a SSM2166 as a limiter just before the class D power amplifier to avoid deep saturation of this stage.

    I’m planning to use a unity gain for the buffer, and a rotation point of 300mVrms…

  • SSM2166: stereo link, defeat noise gate

    Questions regarding SSM2166:

    - when linking two devices for stereo operation, is it possible to link the following pins, using resistors 1/2 the values indicated in the datasheet:  ratio set, noise gate set, rotation set, gain adjust?

    - can the downward…

  • RE: Hiss noise by SSM2166 suppress my audio input


    A hiss sound can be probably a high-frequency generation.
    Is it possible for you to probe and have a scope shot on MIC_IN+, Pin7, and AMP_IN+?

    Also, I can see that you have used most of the recommended values for typical application as shown on Figure…

  • Query re setup of  SSM2166

    Hi, I have several datasheets for this device. Revision F removes all setup info. Revision E appears to have the first two steps of set up reversed. I have a revision B from the Web that makes more sense. Essentially the rotation point set up and VCA…