• SSM2142 and SSM2143 Replacements?

    HI all,

    With the SSM2142 and 2143 going away, what would be recommended for a new design as a differential audio line driver and receiver?

    Need to be able to drive/receive about 5 Vrms



  • SSM2142 gain 6dB ?

    Hello everybody,

    The datasheet of the SSM2142 indicate a differential gain of 6dB (5.98dB typical). I've sample one and with the typical application (page 5 of the datasheet), i have a unity gain, test from 10mV to 1V input, 1kHz with +/- 15V power supplied…

  • SSM2142 load driving and receiving capacity

    1. We have selected SSM2142 as our differential driver for driving AD8620 Op Amps. The input capacitance of AD8620 is given as 15pF for common mode and 8pF for differential mode. As the driving capacity is not given in terms of capacitance for SSM2142…

  • Replacements for SSM2142 and SSM2143 parts

    Hi there,

    With the SSM2142 and SSM2143 going end of life we're looking for an alternate set of audio line driver and receiver chips.

    We need to drive up to 5Vrms into a 600 Ohm load, and our receiver should be 600 Ohms and capable of receiving up…

  • "SSM2142 unloaded output balance ratio"


    I am running some tests on the SSM2142 balanced line driver. 

    The datasheet states that 'output signal balanced ratio' is -35dB (max) when loaded using the Test Circuit (Figure 2 in the datasheet).

    How does the ratio vary with load? i.e What…

  • SSM2142 Balanced Line Driver breaking input impedance

    Hi all,

    my problem concerns the breaking of the input stage of the chip SSM2142 which occurs some time during a test cycle.

    My testbench is attached for information.

    How can see, the SSM2142 is connected to the "secondary" windings of a LVDT excited…

  • SSM2142 Absolute maximum rating of the input pin.

    Description of absolute maximum rating of the input pin is not found in datasheets.

    Absolute maximum rating of the input pin of the SSM2142 is VS ?

  • RE: ADAU1701 Balanced output options

       Hello all,

       If you keep the paths identical, the outputs should sync:

    However, as Piero pointed out, there's more to a truly balanced line output than simply providing two out-of-phase signals.  A transformer-coupled balanced output actually allows…

  • SSM214x Power Supplies

    The SSM2141/2/3 are specified for +/=18V supplies. The SSM2141 and SSM2143 aren't ground referenced so any reason they can't be powered with 24V and GND? The SSM2142 uses GND internally so is it possible to make +V = 24V, -V = 0V, and tie the GROUND…

  • RE: Mic and speaker drive over long cable

    Space is fairly enough but the power has to carry from one end to the other. The power is 12v 46ah battery located one end that need to carry through twisted cable.

    For SSM2142 line driver only one can do the job or it requires audio line receiver at…