• RE: SSM2019 single supply with balanced input

    Hello Carlos,

    I don't know if this is valid for you, but since your reference is bias with V+/2, you should raise both of your inputs (+)IN (-)IN with a 10k resistor to V+/2. This should make it. This amplifier is fantastic! I've used with similar…

  • noise of SSM2019

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are using SSM2019 Self-Contained Audio Preamplifier.

    We have observed the noise on our system. Pls refer to the attached file.

    sheet1. Our test circuit diagram.
    sheet2. Waveform which the noise occurred.
    sheet3. Normal waveform…

  • SSM2019 with digital potentiometer?

    Hello all,

    I'm a current University student taking on a project that involves a digitally controlled microphone pre-amp.

    I am a bit new to this so apologies if the question is a bit basic!

    I have some experience using inverted op amp setups using raw…

  • SSM2019使用问题


  • SSM2019 balanced mic preamp - single power supply?

    Can th SSM2019 be run from a single DC power supply, rather than provide a +V and -V?

    I'm planning a balanced microphone amplifier circuit and thinking towards an SSM2019.



  • SSM2019 fails with high input current

    We are using SSM2019 for balanced MIC pre-amp. It is powered by +/- 15v source.

    Occassionaly a device fails in operation with no apparent reason. When testing failed device with multi-meter it looks like the input stage broke but I can't be sure on that…

  • RE: 5532 1st order bandpass for electret mic preamp

    Are you using the SSM2019 microphone preamp (not SSM2219)? That is an audio preamp with the one external resistor gain adjustment, as you've mentioned. On page 6 of the SSM2019 data sheet, there is a table showing the different resistor values and gain…

  • RE: alternative audio mixer IC for SSM2163


    Unfortunately we don't have a direct replacement for SSM2163,  But in case your interested on other option that uses a discrete solution, you can look at the SSM2019. The part is a self contained pre amplifier with noise level at 950pVrtHz and…

  • RE: Poor CMRR Results with AD620


         Where I work we're very happy with the SSM2019 -- although I haven't actually measured its CM response, this mic preamp has proven itself in installations with 200' cable runs.  I do recommend enough input RF filtering to keep out…

  • RE: Can I use the ADAU1701 as a  balance mic input

    yes, you can use a dedicated mic preamp for this task:


    This part requires a voltage rail of at least 10 V; +/-5 V or greater. If you do not have that available, your best…