• RTI-850 RTI products

    Whether this part obsolete or not? Could you help to give the price if this
    part still in production?


    ADI has not manufactured the RTI products for many years.

    ADI transferred the products to another supplier…

    Please have the…
  • AD8138 - Vocm RTI noise

    Question on the AD8138 input referred noise of the Vocm input noise specification:

    The datasheet lists this as 17nV/rtHz, which is more than 3 times that of what the datasheet claims in the features.  Does this noise always apply and scale with BW and…

  • Application returns to wrong place on RTI

    Hi everyone, thanks Craig for help.

    I try to use UART0 interrupts. I initialize EVT8 as isr_uart0_rx, EVT10 as isr_uart0_tx. I use Terminal program to send and receive bytes from PC to my target board. I send one byte to target board, isr_uart0_rx works…

  • RTI error and RTO error and Calculation for error budget

    What is the difference between an RTI error and an RTO error and how do I
    calculate them for my error budget?


    The AD8422 is composed of a preamplifier stage that applies differential gain,
    and a subtractor stage that removes the common…
  • 1280 x 960 @ 60Hz Decoder

    Will the ADV7403 support 1280 x 960 @ 60Hz? If not, any suggestions? In general, will any decoder that is capable of supporting, as a minimum SXGA, be capable of being programmed to support non-standard formats with fewer pixels?  Thanks!

  • adv7604 custom res 1280 x 960

    i followed through on the auto graphics process for non supported graphics but it seems to still not be getting a lock no matter what i change.

    DVI input format:
    Hactive:     1280

    Vactive:     960

    I/P:          progressive

    Htotal:     1800

    Hblank:     520

    Hfront:     98


  • ADV7511W output Fail Issue_(1280*720@P30)

    Dear Sir:

    When we use the ADV7511W for HDMI output, we can't output it directly.
    Could you help to check it if any setting mistake?



    Ps.BT656 : 8-bit 422 2x clock embedded sync…

  • ADV7391 for 1280 x 720 x 30fps particular format

    I want to use ADV7391.

    Our video device outputs particular video format.

    Can ADV7391 input and work correctly the format?

    1280 x 720 30fps

    Pixcel clock = 72.45MHz

    8bit(YCrCb 4:2:2)

    1H=3300 clocks, blanking 740, active video=2560(Y: 1280, CrCb: 1280…

  • Regarding FPGA for high speed data capture (>1280 MSPS)


    I am looking for an FPGA board that can capture data stream coming at 1280 MSPS from my ADC.

    The data is coming as LVDS output on a SMA cable and I would like to have an FPGA board that has SMA interface at this rate.

    I also have a clock to capture…

  • Does ADV7391 support YUV 1280*720 25Hz convert to 50Hz PAL?


    The input timing is BT601(YUV422, 8bit, Progressive, Resolution Active:1280*720, Total:1980*1280, FPS:25Hz, PCLK:74.25M), I need a PAL video output, Does ADV7391 support?

    Best reguards..