• High Pass Filter problem

    Hello! I need to design IIR High Pass Filter on ADSP 21xx. My coefficients are: Numerator is 0.035; -0.175; 0.351; -0.351; 0.175; -0.035. Denominator is 1; 0.483; 0.715; 0.169; 0.068; 0.004. Can you help me debug my program? Where is a error? Thank you…
  • RE: Interrupt Handling and DMA

    Hi Shafi,

    Place an SSYNC instruction after you write to DMA4_IRQ_STATUS register (before performing RTI). This would ensure that the peripheral releases the request before the RTI is executed. Another best thing is to perform a dummy PAB access before…

  • RE: Failed to read a ADV7282-M register

    Hi sir

             Part number:  ADV  7282-U3  WBCPZ-M  #1225  2391957

             I can confirm that Reset and Powerdown pin is not controlled(maintain a high level 3.3v and 3.13v when  the   time to read and write) during I2C communication.

             I wrote 0x11(color bar) or 0x15(boundary…

  • RE: 6/1/16: Noise Analysis in Precision Analog Designs

    You're right. The RTI noise and the RTO noise are equal for an op amp when you have a voltage follower (unity gain feedback). Otherwise you use the noise gain (1/beta) to translate between RTI and RTO.

  • RE: ADSP-21262, div by zero corrupts ISR?

    Ok, propably should use ISR=>IVT and the title of this thread should be something else too, but don't know how to edit that afterwards,

    Right now the problem is around the interrupt handler(s).

    What could be the official way of creating one?

  • RE: MODE1 and #pragma interrupt

    The first of the four interrupt vector instructions should execute a "PUSH STS". This saves the value of MODE1, ASTAT[xy]. When the RTI instructions is executed to return from the interrupt this pops STS  automatically and restores MODE1 and…

  • AD8253 PGIA nose issue

    Dear Sir,

    The PGIA AD8253 datasheet showed noise performance:

    Voltage offset RTI Vos +-150+900/G uV.

    Voltage nose 0.1~10Hz,RTI,G=1, 2.5uVp-p.

    Then I tested AC performance by 6.5 Digital MultiMeter(HP-3304A), which noise performance showed 4.03mV DC…

  • RE: AMP Noise Measurement


    1. I think you're missing one detail in the picture: the scope is in 20mV/div, and the noise is referred to input (RTI). That means that after a gain of 10^6 (as shown in the schematic) the equivalent scale is 20mV/10^6 = 20nV -> 20nV/div.…

  • Bad Code Loading at Startup -- even JTAG doesn't load code?

    I'm having what seems to be a very strange problem.

    In certain situations, a custom board is loading what looks to be garbage code instead of code from FLASH.

    Most strangely, this seems to occur even when I am using the USB-ICE JTAG -- that is,…

  • 仪放在等效带宽内的等效输出噪声怎么算?(datasheet缺少数据?)