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  • LTM4644-1

    i have a new design that isn't working as i'd hoped. is there someone that can take a look @ my schematic to try help me fix this pls ?

    Many thx, Dave.

  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi, Thanks for replying. I had tried the "-no-auto-attrs" with no improvement. The same error reappears elsewhere if I delete the source file causing the problem. It also occurs in the standard "BF609_init" project, so I have attached those files. The…

  • AD5700-1 Filter SEL


    I'm using AD5700-1 in my design.

    I'll be using external filter in my design. Whether it is allowed to provide FILTER SEL as high even when I'm using external filter and hart in is disconnected.


    Nidhi P Shetty

  • RE: AD9523-1 setting with AD9523


    the AD9523-1 has a much better absolute rms time jitter than the AD9523. See table 10 in the AD9523-1 rev A data sheet and compare it against the table 11 in the AD9523 rev D data sheet.

    However, there are some differences between the two chips and…

  • RE: ADA4857-1 exposed pad


    The Exposed Paddle is primarily used for heat dissipation and it is usually connected to the lowest potential.
    For Single supply, your -VS is connected to GND, and this is your lowest potential.
    For Split supply, your -VS is the lowest potential…

  • RE: Ad7768-1 known responses


    the reset column values can be read  on power up, for Example address 0x0c and 0x0d should read 0x56 and 0x04 respectively


  • Ad5420 interfacing with AD5700-1

    • Hi

    I'm using AD5420 and AD5700-1 same as cn0270 in my design. 

    I'm getting hart out as a fsk over sine wave instead of fsk over DC line.

    I tried interfacing same hart circuit with ad5421 which is working fine. 

    But with ad5420 I'm getting below…

  • dev/mem returns -1


    I am using the ZC706 board with AD9371. I am trying to access BRAM using dev/mem.  I have written a code to access bram. I am using

    // Map the BRAM physical address into user space getting a virtual address for it
    fd = open("/dev/mem", O_RDWR | O_SYNC…