• RE: AD5308 reference input


    The short answer is yes, the REF192 can handle four AD5308 connected to it.

    For DACs using the string architecture (as the AD5308), the reference input impedance of the DAC is constant. In the data sheet, the minimum input impedance per input reference…

  • REF192 dropout


    I need some more information on REF192 dropout at current output < 1 mA.

    In the documentation it is indicated that with a current of 10 mA, the dropout is 1v.

    Is it possible to have an idea of the dropout witha current of 500 µA ?

    In our application…

  • About REF192  Characteristic graph


    Some of my customers are considering using REF 192.

    I got a question from him.

    #1 Is there a graph of "Load Current vs. REF 192 Dropout Voltage" in REF 192?
      (Example: Figure 19)

    #2 Is there data of Ta = -40 ° C, 125 ° C in the graph of "Load…

  • AD7708 reference: ref195 or ref192?

    the AD7708 datasheet (rev 0) mentions & illustrates use of either the  ad780 or ref195 to generate the reference, all the while saying 2.5V....which seems to be a ref192 instead. this caught my eye as i've a need to convert unipolar signals that are…

  • Query about REF192

    Dear Team,

    Please explain or share information …about output shift with respective to temperature value (due to solder effect )…please see below information is available in REFf192 datasheet of page:21 in figure 24…but there is temperature information…

  • AD5683R internal Reference long term stability


    I not found on datasheet information about AD5683R internal reference long term stability.

    Interested about voltage deviations by day, month, year.

    I need it to decide using internal reference or external like REF192.

    REF192 datasheet have…

  • Detail condition about Eliminate LTD Errects(AN-713)

    Our customer is going to use ref192.

    It's written on AN-713 as follows.

    Could you tell me more detail condition about

    Calibrate 、Burn in conditon? 

  • 我的REF192是怎么了?

    我在测试贴片芯片——电压基准 REF192G ,遇到了极大较大的打击。如果您知道答案,请告诉我,是怎么回事?




    REF192G Test 


    ***-VO Test-***

      **-VO_MAX=2.5100 V          VO_MIN=2.4900 V-**


               VO = 2.589795 V (Vin=+3.000 V)

               VO = 2.616022 V (Vin=+3.300 V)

  • RE: AD7714 REF IN(+) Current


    Yes, I think the current is around some uA level only. This thread may be able to help you regarding the actual measurement. https://ez.analog.com/message/114854?commentID=114854#comment-114854 

    We also have some recommended voltage reference parts…

  • RE: Product Information for Operational Amplifier

    Hello Krisf,

        Thank you for reply.

         Please find my list of parts in the attached excel file.

         (few values are colored and  filled from DataSheet in that excel.)